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Create a Wolf v2



So I finally stopped being a lazy person and coded this damn thing lol I drew the wolf and all the other stuff about 2 years ago and only today I decided I'd finally sit down and code it.

It's a total mess, the artwork is ugly but meh, it's a big improvement on my old create a wolf x_x

Now I have all that outta the way...


Can I post a screenshot in my dA gallery/facebook/etc..?
Yes as long as credit is given in a description somewhere. So a link back to my account or this deviation. Or saying "This was made by khalypso's Create a Wolf game" Something along those lines, as long as credit is given all is good :) And yes you may use this as your I.D or Avatar on this website, just give credit.

Can I sell these as adoptables?
No sorry.
edit: Ok there seems to be a lot of confusion here. Originally I stated these could be sold as adoptables. Recently I changed my mind. My main issue was a lot of people not giving credit. If you remember to give credit, then do whatever you wish with your creation (: Obviously I don't hold copyright over the design, but if you post a screenshot of the wolf you've made then credit is required. I hope that clears up any worries/questions (:

It won't load
Click on 'download'. This can often sort out any issues with Deviantart that stop it from loading.

How did you make this?
Using Adobe Flash CS3. There is a very old tutorial on my old dA account (kcoyote). I will not be making another tutorial anytime soon, if ever, sorry.

Can you add different expressions/ears/colours/etc..? and can you make another game?
I will not be updating this game. I may make another Flash game in the future, but I will decide what it's based on.

How do I save?
Instructions for Mac and PC users are in the flash game itself.

For PC laptop users: [fn]+insert[prt sc]


Create a dragon - [link]
Create a wolf v1 - [link]
Create a Na'vi Avatar - [link]
Wolf Template - [link]
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MEEEEH idk how to save to complicated!!!
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