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Finally, after Tala, Akela and Nantan here we have Yakima - the fourth of the siblings. She and her brother Nantan are much more curious towards humans then Akela and Tala. They often sticked their noses through the fence.

Name: Yakima
(Sub)species: Part Eurasian Wolf, part Timber Wolf (Canis Lupus)
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years (spring 2010)

Localization: Wisentgehege Springe, Springe Germany


Photo Usage:
You can use my photos as long as it is not for commercial purpose (including commissions and point commissions). But I don’t mind usage for manipulations, roleplaying games, as drawing references, etc. Photos are made for sharing. :]
You don't have to note me, but crediting would be fine. And feel free to show me, what you do with my photos, I'd really like to see it!
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1/512 second
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Feb 11, 2012, 2:16:28 PM
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Used as reference:)

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Hello! I used your stock as a reference here:  The Calm Before the Storm by Trip3of3  
Thank you!
i will use it thanks ^_^
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Used as a reference here: Wolf portrait V by BeckyKidus
Thank you!
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I used your photo for a photomanipulation here: Wolf-Faced
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I used this amazing photo as reference :)
Yakima by Azany
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Wow, this drawing is incredibly amazing! :heart: Thanks for showing me!
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:3 tis me again i used this one in a banner and was asking permission [link] copyright goes to respected owners on the site :)
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Permission is given, thanks for using! =)
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What a beautiful face :heart:
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A beautiful face is a feature tha she and her siblings all share. :lol:
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I really have to go to Wisentgehege Spring soon :noes: I just don't have enough time ;c
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They introduced five polar puppies into the pack recently. It should be a good time for photography now. =)
(Even though I'm still pretty indignant at this ... the enclosure was already too small for 4 wolves ... now there are 9.)
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Ah I recognize that problem.. Here at the zoo of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) the wolves have a very small enclosure.. There were living 3 adults, one male and two females. In 2011 they got 4 pups. Very nice ofcourse, it were the first wolf pups born in the zoo since 16 years, but I think the enlcosure is too small for this amount of wolves. And then, this year, there were 10 new pups.. So there are living 17 wolves in that small encloruse at the moment. I really hope they make a bigger enclosure or bring the pups to another zoo, otherwise I'll be so angry..
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17?! Holy cow! I'd do demonstrations infront of this enclosure. :o It also always makes me so angry. And then I totally cannot understand how something like this can actually be legal and allowed. I would think in modern times like this zoos would have to follow some directives. But apparently it's not like this. I know a zoo where they breed polar wolves. The enclosure doesn't even reach a size of 100m². When I was there in march they had two adults and three younkers in it. One other adult wolf was locked up in a dark narrow extension. She jumped up on the bars all the time. And one month later they got 2 or 3 puppies again. That makes 8 wolves in a space that's hardly twice as big as my personal room.
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Yes, 17.. And I'm not quite sure what I can do about it :S I think I'll mail them.. Maybe they already have plans for moving the pups to other zoos.. I hope they have, because if those pups are getting older and bigger, well.. That would be abuse, I think o.O So much wolves in such a small place!
Oh that's so sad.. I really like zoos and wildparks, but they have to think about their animals.. I hate it to see animals in such small places.. :S
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really beautiful!!:heart:
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Gott, dieser Wolf ist so hübsch *-* und der Augenausdruck ist genial eingefallen, sie wirkt so sehnsüchtig <3
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