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July 9, 2019
I'll take on the whole world by Khalliysgraphy
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I'll take on the whole world

My boy Yari being all pretend rough and cool and dangerous.
The reality of this photo is that my friend :iconeternalocean: was lying right in front of him and told him to go backwards, because he was too close to her lens for her to take photos. Yari always makes a fuss about that command, so he barked a protest and then sneezed while going backwards. This led to this photo of him looking like he wants to take on the whole world.


I've not been as active as I'd have liked to be for a while now. In part that is because I haven't been able to go to parks and take photos of wolves like I used to ever since I got a job. These days I'm mostly photographing my dog Yari and occasionally other dogs. But since my dA photo gallery always had a focus on wolves and providing stock I'm not sure if people would be interested in your usual dog photos.
Another part is deviantArt itself. I'm feeling kind of in a loop with dA since Eclipse got announced. I'd like to freshen up my profile, but that's a bit pointless at this point, because when Eclipse rolls out to everyone I'll have to reorganise and update everything again. And while as a web-designer I see that deviantArt really needs a moderized, responsive design update, Eclipse looks fairly uninspired and boring so far. Nothing I won't be able to get used to, I'm sure, the disappointment mostly stems from being sure that they could have done much better.

I've dabbled a bit with other social media plattforms, but they're mostly frustrating to me. DeviantArt is still the most creator-friendly when it comes to visibility and it's functionality. I'm so glad they're not operating on a chronical system like pretty much EVERY other plattform does. DeviantArt gives every creator you watch equal chances to be seen and I love that so much about dA. It's not about keeping people on the site for as long as possible, making them scroll through an endless feed and missing half the stuff, it just neatly lists you the creators that uploaded something since the last time you cleared your notification center and you can look at the stuff in your own time, nothing gets buried, nothing gets swapped around, nothing you didn't ask for gets suggested to you. I can comfortably see and reply to comments, which sounds like a no-brainer but apparently isn't (looking at you tumblr). People don't watch you and unwatch you after a couple days because you didn't watch back. It appears like dA won't change anything about this current system and I'm SO GLAD about that, but that's also one of the reasons why new lazy looking design makes me a bit sad. Because dA is GREAT and has so much potential!

Anyway this rant is kinda leading nowhere. TL;DR, what I want to say is... I do really want to get more active on dA again. I've been on this site for over 12 years now. My motivation isn't what it used to be, but I'll try. You'll probably see dogs and occassionally other animals more often than before and not just wolves.
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Canon EOS 7D Mark II
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1/2500 second
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135 mm
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May 11, 2019, 11:47:29 AM
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Very angry :D (Big Grin)  
Khalliysgraphy's avatar
He's easy to grump :XD:
MisterMistrz's avatar
Almost like me Giggle 
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Congrats on the DD!
Khalliysgraphy's avatar
Thank you very much! Heart bum 
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So amazing shot, congratulation on DD :clap:
Khalliysgraphy's avatar
Thank you very much! That's a nice surprise, haha
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LOL :aww:!!!  This strikes me as one of those times, when, a dog is caught red handed in the act of doing wrong, and he's trying to deny it (to him Self ) yet too obedient to 'flee' , when confronted by his owner ( from his own shame). :laughing: :love:!!  

Just wonderful! Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)!

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

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Thank you very much! He's fairly shameless when it comes to 'doing something wrong' - because in his mind he never does, haha. Here he's just complaining about my friend telling him to go backwards. :XD:
Khalliysgraphy's avatar
He sometimes tries to be
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"... And you all will be my slaves!" 
Khalliysgraphy's avatar
He wishes, haha. He'd make a funny, useless Disney villain.
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... And adorable :heart: revamp 
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Congratulations on the DD! Clap
Khalliysgraphy's avatar
Thank you very much! Heart bum
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Your Very Welcome!😜
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Mad, constipated dog, perfect
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