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God, just STOP IT

Poor Ole. He and his brother Bootsmann suffer the same fate. Their girls just don't want to give them love.
But well ... I can understand Summer. Boy, he REALLY was obtrusive and annoying.

Name: Ole & Summer
(Sub)species: Timber Wolf (Canis Lupus Lycaon)
Gender: Male & Female
Age: 2 years (May 2010) & 6 years (May 2006)

Localisation: Wildpark Lüneburger Heide, Nindorf-Hanstedt, Germany


Photo Usage:
You can use my photos as long as it is not for commercial purpose (including commissions and point commissions). But I don’t mind usage for manipulations, roleplaying games, as drawing references, etc. Photos are made for sharing. :]
You don't have to note me, but giving credit would be a fair appreciation. And feel free to show me, what you do with my photos, I'd really like to see it!
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Mar 17, 2013, 3:06:13 PM
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Omg. I love this photo! I also used it here! Thank you so much!

Parasite Eve
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wow~! :D This image has so much character! Absolutely AMAZING shots you have here *might just go on a favorit'ing binge! X3
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Tan wolfies tail was used here, LOL. Thanks!
the splinter underneath your skin
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Its like Woa bro woa..
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The brown one is makin' the doge face!
Much lick
Such laffs!
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white/brown wolf: "How dare you insult my exquisite coat! This took nearly 20 minutes to groom! YOU My good sir, have limited taste and respect for fashion!"

Black: "Maybe so, but I DO know I've gotta GREAT taste for blood."

white/brown wolf: "Ohhh myyy... o^o "

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"I will simply swallow you and your coat in one piece!"
Haha. :D
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That face, omg too cute!
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(she)  'see these teeth? they have your name printed on them.  now, touch my butt one more time and you're toast...really'
(he)  'aww, calm down, I was just lookin'

*ahem* Yeh, love this pic. nice catch!
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Hehe. :XD:  Well, at least he got his will and was able to convince her that they'd make good parents. :p
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Well, she probably was just grousing but that was to be expected, and I'm sure he expected it.  :rofl:  Glad to know they make good parents.  Then again, wolves usually do.  :D
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I just love the way she's looking at him. :XD: And the title makes it all the more hilarious! :lol:
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Yep, though I find his terrified face the best. :lol:
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xD awesome photo!


Ole: But WHY!? D: Can't we be friends!

Summer: No! Now leave me ALONE!!! D<

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They're no friends. But now they're a couple and happy parents, haha.
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Awww <3 That's sweet!
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I used your photo for a photomanipulation here - [link]
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This is just so cute and funny.
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