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You Comin' Blondie?

You said you wanted to see the lights?

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I am a teenage girl that lives in Flint Michigan, I don't get to travel much except when going camping like or staying at hotels in places that I have been to before. There have been very few times that I have left my home state and I am looking forward to go on my trip to Europe in my high school senior year but that will happen when I'm 18 and I'm only 16. If I had the chance I'd pack my bags and drawing junk and hitch a ride on the Tardis with the Doc even if I was still a teen and explore the universe.
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imagine this storyline! rapunzel leaves the tower, flynn stays and kills mother gothel and he becomes filthy rich while rapunzel is the new companion of the doctor! what a plot twist!
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This is actually really sweet since Rapunzel has never been outside her tower and that's really all she wants: to see the world. :) Or worlds, maybe. 
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Just so beautiful!!!
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he so would ask her to come on an adventure! so much happiness :3
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Oh dear joss, I have officially lost my ability to coherently communicate my adoration for your artwork now. There. 
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ur brilliant!!! i love all of these!!
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I think the Doctor has a thing for blondes..
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And this is going to be on TheYetee at midnight! Big YESS!
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is that the tenth doctor or the eleventh?
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that's awesome!
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i love how you never really show their faces :)
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Well, the Doctor does like blondes.
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"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair... that I might climb the... Is that a blue box floating in the air? What the hell?! Rapenzel, where are you going with that magic fellow? Wait for me!"

Rapunzel: "Screw this! I'm tired of people using my hair as golden stairs and locking me in castles." *jumps into the box*
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How not to get lost in the TARDIS: Let Rapunzel's hair be your ball of yarn
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unfortunately, I don't think it would be quite long enough... Kitty Yarn 
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