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Who wants to Build a Snowman?

It doesn't have to be a snowman....

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It took me all this time to notice the references to Amy's childhood in this picture, which make perfect sense. Well done!
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*has heart attack* well at least I died knowing someone else likes doctor who
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I love this so much! The raggedy doctor doll and the Apple is just perfect! And the whole art is just perfect <3
Snorthweast1's avatar
Anna should totally go with him!!! I think she would be just like Rose! That is so cute! I SHIP IT :happybounce:  (Not the young Anna, the older
one Sweating a little...)
Spacelady2012's avatar
She's got a raggedy doll too, like Amy! :)
blckbutler's avatar
Doctor Who!!!!!! X3
Saint-Saligia's avatar
I think he doesn't like snowmen...BUT DALEK FIGHTING SOUNDS TOTALLY BADASS!!! 
ytsejam58's avatar
do you wanna fight a Dalek?
CosmoWillome's avatar
Awe she's got a Doctor doll too now! How cute :)
Saint-Saligia's avatar
She got it from Amy Pond. They know eachother from th Ginger Association
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I  don't  know  much  about Dr. Who  but My  Sister's  been  Trying to  get  me  to  Watch  Do  you want  to  build a Time/space  Continuum ;]  I  love  Frozen BTw
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Go away, Anna, no one's supposed to look into the time vortex!
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Wait...  What if Anna became The Master?  xD
glazedcoconut's avatar
This is a crossover of my two favorite things!
Skittyseven's avatar
oh my god the smiley face apple!!!!
you are just the best at referencing things [applause]
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this is cooo cute and really cool
klairehumanoid's avatar
I hope the Doctor came out and built a snowman with Anna!!
IvyDevi's avatar
Unless they made it out of alien snow =p
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Always love your stuff Karen. Keep up the awesome work.
Mertat-wolfhound's avatar
I want too! 

Love it!
Alien-Psychopath's avatar
Do you wanna build a trashcan? It doesn't have to be a trashcan....

Refering to Dalek because he reminded me of a trashcan. 
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Nice and I saw the artworks its amazing
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