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Part of Every World

She was longing to be part of a different world, and a strange man in a blue box appeared, offering to show her every world....


Prints available here in my Etsy store:

this is second in a series, the first was Cinderella (which has been printed at Threadless) :
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RedCard94's avatar
I want the t-shirt!! *_*
optimusprime22's avatar
Doctor: Hurry I can't breath! *TARDIS floods with sea water*
Schreiberseele's avatar
I just get it today and it´s even better than the image! I just love it <3
Indigo-Night-Wisp's avatar
Oh my lord. He's got a tank in there, I just know it.

Absolutely lovely. 
Ginko-333's avatar
bigdad's avatar
"You coming or not!? Hurry up the TARDIS is flooding!!"
goddessbunny's avatar
any tees out right now of this!  need for gift ^-^
inkedfish's avatar
this is great! :)
AnyaZoe's avatar
Do you have this shirt available for sale online still?
AskAlmostEvil's avatar
I have this shirt! :"D I love it so much!
Dicipulo01's avatar
sorry for my ignorance. But it symbolizes the blue box?
yukolovesmokona's avatar
I love doctor who...I want his tardis
TopHatBigPencil's avatar
I hope he has a big bowl full of water waiting for her. (^,^)
Wynchester's avatar
Uh... I don't think Ariel could survive other worlds. Forget that she's a mermaid... That chick is too sweet and innocent. She could barely handle our world.
TARDISofDoom's avatar
You're forgetting that he could covert her into a human.
Niur-Tarow's avatar
The cross over fans adore you. This is made of win. :la:
SabakuNoShi's avatar
It reminds me of 'Doctor Who' series ;)
Chesnutz's avatar
omygawd, sooo love this piece!!!
Dowlphin's avatar
I haven't seen much of Doctor Who, but how did he solve the water problem when opening the door?

And yes, Ariel looks very much not in-character there, being the curious explorer-type girl that she is.

Also... If she joins the doctor, will she need a wheelchair?
wanderingbishop's avatar
Same way he solves the air problem when opening the door in space. The TARDIS detects a hostile environment on the outside and puts up a forcefield to keep the water from rushing in.
Dowlphin's avatar
There's a reflective surface missing then, from the sudden change in medium density.
Unless the force field somehow fixes that.
Ah, science fiction is so convenient, haha. :D
princessrad's avatar
Ariel looks bored xD reminds me of that random door in the cave in destiny islands from KH o 3o
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