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..........why does this not surprise me? why does this make sense?!
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The parrots wearing a fez
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I knew it Mary Poppins is a time lord that purse is bigger on the inside
This makes so much sense, sonic parasol
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Mary Poppins is like 110% a Time Lady
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You're sure that not missy? XD 
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Omg that makes so much sense!
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Lol! I think we all know she's a Time Lord ;) Gotta love undercover Time Lords!
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<3  I really LOVE your Dr Who serie. Congratulations and thank you for sharing ! :)
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I thought it would be kind of cool, if the first female Doctor was kind of like Mary Poppins, but it turns out the Master beat him to it! Missy Poppins FTW!!!!!!!
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I just knew she was a Time Lord
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Mary Poppins, and Miss Frizzle are Time Lords, no, no, they're THE SAME TIME LORD!!!!!!!!!!
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It is possible. Regeneration is a little box of surprises. I like your theory, do you want a cookie?
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To quote the Great, Mr. Cookie Monster..."COOOOKKKKIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! OM NOM NOM NOM OM NOM NOM NOM OM NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Hehehe you're welcome :3 
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I could see them being cheeky and going off on adventures. That'd be great! Someone should write that, if they haven't already. 
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The extraordinary nanny meets the extraordinary Doctor! :clap:
I've actually read a few fanfics that feature Mary Poppins as either a Time Lady or a human manifestation of the TARDIS. 
I think I might have also heard some headcanons that Ms. Frizzle is a Time Lady herself with her school bus being some kind of TARDIS. 
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OMG! I am going through a faving spree!!! I love these cross overs!! LOVE IT!!!
what if Clara got stuck in Victorian London with nothing but an umbrella, one of the Doctor's bags(for house calls) and a screwdriver...

thus the Mary Poppins myth is born.
now that would explain a lot...
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She's probably Romana.
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