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Haunted Galaxy

On TeeFury today as shirts and posters!…
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If Akbar could grow a big, bushy handlebar mustache, he absolutely would.

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So much yes! XD
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OMG I just Love this collaboration!!!!:la:
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These are awesome!
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I adore the first one and bought it as a t-shirt and print from TeeFury a few months ago. Thank you for making them! I adore r2 and the Haunted Mansion. This is so full of win.
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As these come with no explanation I'll just say... odd. Nice but odd.
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Disneyland, Haunted Mansion, Stretching Portraits:
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Aaaah. Thank you. Been a very long time since I was there.
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No problem! I never been there! :)
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These are fantastic, I love it! ^_^
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this is so awesome!
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I'd love to see these actually in the mansion!
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Lol! Amazingnessly as always!
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Akbar... just..... I can't even... What?
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