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Frozen in Time and Space

Elsa finds something unusual in her ice palace. 
This shirt design will be available on Wednesday March 18th. 
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Is this available for print?

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TFW you find the person who designed your favorite T-shirt! THANK YOU SO MUCH! BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER! 
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Oh my god, my cousin Daniel LOVES Doctor Who, and I love Frozen! Me and him could get one top each and wear it when we're going out with each other! (you know, like a family trip or something....)
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Doctor: Um...Miss? I'm terribly sorry, but do you mind calling off I can't seem to open the--know what? Its alright, I'll just re-park her. *voom voom voom*
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I have PTSD from that crack in the wall... :scared: 
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I really like the way you dressed the woman - it looks lovely.
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I agree with Elsa don't let him leave!
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Frozen/Doctor Who would definitely make an awesome crossover fanfiction! It'd be interesting if the Doctor kept showing up at random points during the plot-time-whatever of Frozen....hmmm..
And it looks like here Elsa accidentally caught the TARDIS and trapped it in the ice when she was creating the ice palace...I'm getting lots of plot ideas...XD
I got my kiddo the Anna one and he wants to wear it daily. However he has since seen the one with Elsa and seriously asks 25/day for me to get it for him (he is 3 so it's pretty cute). I failed though. Apparently once the shirt is not the tee of the day the youth size option is gone. 
Any chance this design will be printed on shirts on another site in the near future? Or did anyone buy an extra youth size XS?!?! Help!!! I need to fuel his Frozen and Doctor Who love! 
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Can't tell you how much I Loved this one, Karen! :heart:
Got the shirt on Teefury too! :)
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I got the Tee!! YAY!! Awesome job on this!
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this is just absolutely perfect :D
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I ordered this one yesterday! I can't wait!!!
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Thanks i think I have almost all of your doctor who/disney shirts now. :)
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Yes, this is awesome! I also love putting in the crack, that was nice! 
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This mustve happened during the castle building part of Let it Go... LOVE IT!
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that is literally AMAZING!
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:) Very cool! I certainly enjoy the continuation of the Disney DW

I can totally see Anna's encounter with the Doctor

Anna: For the first time in foreve- *hits the Tardis rather than Han's horse* 
Doctor: "Ohps, sorry.... Can I make it up to you by taking you to a land that's built of chocolate?"  
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