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Come Away with Me.

What if, instead of going home and waiting for her prince to find her, Cinderella went off on an adventure with a strange man in a blue box?

Now available at Threadless!
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Sounds like my kind of Cinderella story. Love Thumbs Up 
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I'm assuming that the full color t-shirt was done with your permission.  The one from Threadless is monochrome.  Do you have a full color version still available?  I would like to get one for my daughter.  
Clair-Oswin-Oswald's avatar
Cinderella - my favourite fairy tale - meets DW, my favourite sci-fi. What could be better?
PoshPegasus's avatar
That would be so hilarious!:)
Shellquake's avatar
What's with the phone booth?
Timeward's avatar
I hope you're being somehow ironic, because that is the Doctor's type 40 TARDIS.
Timeward's avatar
Everybody knows what it is.
This looks just like the kind of pictures I had in my cinderella picture book as a kid :') I love it!
Clockspur's avatar
And what an adventure it would be:D
AnyaZoe's avatar
Will you sell these as prints?
Indigo-Night-Wisp's avatar
Gorgeous. Utterly gorgeous. 

And I love how, throughout the series, it could have been any Doctor. 'Cause you never see his face, but occasionally there are clues...
Hawkheart29's avatar
I received a tee-shirt with this pic on it today as a gift for my birthday! I love it! :heart:
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God I love all of your Doctor Who/Disney crossovers I think I've favorited all of them. XD
lamaca789's avatar
I like the phone booth series.
Nutrea's avatar
It might just be me but she looks kinda like rose to she supposed to be rose?
MangoSurprise's avatar
I absolutely love this series, and this piece in particular. It's a great idea and it's beautifully executed!
pangaeastarseed's avatar
I have the shirt of this! 'Tis my favorite anything I ever wore ever :)
Digi-Angel's avatar
Dang the Doctor has more charm then most of the princes
LanestraFlameheart's avatar
who kneads prince charming. when you have the doctor.
MrAsianhappydude's avatar
The Fairy God-Doctor.
ocean-dance's avatar
my absolute favorite of the bunch. :iconmeltplz:
dark-chocobo's avatar
..And if its Tennant, I AINT COMIN BACK!
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