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Big Bad Wolf

Red found a different kind of wolf in the forest.


A collaboration piece with the very talented Matthew Parsons, you can see more of his work here:
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YAASSSSS!!!! I love it!
whovianfangirl23's avatar
She stole the sonic and rivers diary
MirrorKhaos's avatar
Nice mash up image
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Into the Woods?
AlternateReality56's avatar
always walking down the down the road, the girl did not suspect anything about the wolf, the wild beast always watches her 
LadyTana's avatar
I love this. It is my favorite shirt .
Timeward's avatar
She better not piss off the bad Wolf.
Saint-Saligia's avatar
My favorite piece! AU Good Lamb :) hahaha
Scrapyardlove's avatar
Love your art! I want this on a tshirt so badly!
AnAnimeWhoofian's avatar
Doctor: 2 Questions: How did you get my Sonic? How did you get that book? And.... ROSE?!
GreenstormTheWarrior's avatar
Anna-Rose-TARDIS's avatar
i didnt get a response so i changed it. but i love this idea. it's my phone screensaver
Anna-Rose-TARDIS's avatar
OMG IM SO SORRY I downloaded this icon off of google images, do you require me to change it?
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Great! Very clever!
AscendedDemon's avatar
Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? X3
optimusprime22's avatar
The Doctor: FOR THE LOVE OF GALLIFREY! WHO VANDALIZED MY TARDIS! AGAIN! Come here you urchin.. *Grabs kid running off with a spray can* 
Sakki-sama's avatar
Yeah! I found you! I love that drawing! This is a really good idea too make that! And it's beautiful :) 
Your drawings are really famous in France, a lot of Doctor Who's fans have this and your other drawings in tee-shirt :)
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