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OS Tan: Windows XP

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Published: December 28, 2004
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XP - OS Tan
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Oh nice, I love XP-tan!
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rest in pepperonis xp-tan 2001-2014 D:
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GnomeKiller12Hobbyist Photographer
i am sorry microsoft has stop paying your health insurances i am go haft to pull the plug 
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MephilesTheDark2182Student Traditional Artist
Why is it that this poor, innocent Windows TAN is always the victim of derogatory slander and constant mistreatment by those who like the new TANs??

Seriosuly, XP was the best Windows system for its time, and even today would still stand a good chance, mainly because its not overloaded with bugs and glitches that make the system almost useless.
..And yes, it required a bit more memory/RAM to work at a super-awesome speed, but in terms of performance, it held up better than 8 and 7 combined, and required FAR less scans and updates than 8 OR 7.

Windows XP TAN, my heart goes out to you. May you receive better treatment in the future.

(And good work, Khalitzburg.) :)
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i prefer old thans than new tans
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EVen the TAN looks more friendly than vista's tan. -insert vista hate-
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WAAAHHH!!! XP Tan!!! I love

I think she has too large breasts, dont you think?

But still, it didnt destroyed her image. lol!!
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XP Tan is my favorite OS Tan.
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My favorite OS-tan

"Can I insert my floppy disk into your disk drive?" XD
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My favorite OS-Tan. <3
I was really hoping to see what Vista looked like, but I can't find any SINGLE look for her... also, I expected those knockers to knock me out the blocker's based off how many people are complaining about Vista compared to XP since the more problems the OS had, the bigger their chest's were made in the designs. XD But weirdly enough all the pics of Vista I see don't even rival XP's... =\

XP FOREVA... Or until Microsoft gets it right!
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lol Microsoft should consider using the OS-tans as official mascots (maybe Vista will actually start to sell more <;) )
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i come from the future and there are official tans and THEY ARE TERRIBLY BAD no joke
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OMFG XP-TAN! -bows down and kisses the artists feet- I worship you..
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DrkPhx Writer
omfg hott!!! i love this ... you should consider doing a vistan one!!!
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Dieggo-The-Hedgehog Traditional Artist
WOW! Beautiful Art!
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Wow! Super sexy! :horny: Nice job! :clap:
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Dats me o.o Mah cosplay... except... I don't have enough memory >_>
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JamarBHSamuraiHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Geo-Senpai Traditional Artist
Sexi O ¬ <
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LolipStudent Digital Artist
my xp is ugly and never smiles
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TherhiStudent Digital Artist
hehe, cute and sexy :D
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Found this while browsing.

You referenced the pose, right? I'm sure I have seen another XP-tan pic in the same pose. Still, your's much more better. The color and shading work is GREAT.
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