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Pokemon Logic:
No matter how hard you try to kill them, they won't die, they only faint...

took me around 2 weeks to finish this.
Done in PSCS3
This animation is originally double in size, but due to my PS complaining that I don't have enough memory, I resized it.
425 frames but it'll be 200+ more frames if opened as .gif

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Dromeothetroognathus's avatar
for many pokemon, thats pretty much hyperbeam in a nutshell
JBSuper's avatar
:D Its not faint if you telefrag him
AntStar2004's avatar
This makes me want Namco to make Super Robot Wars Pokemon, like how they did Super Robot Wars with fighting game and rpg characters.
Laugh-Butts's avatar
Matt-Flame's avatar
'But it missed...'
Crowgale's avatar
Well... at least it didn't have a focus sash
Pikapika2000's avatar
Except for Marowak, bless her heart.
Kiaserliche's avatar
The great battle that leveled a country.
They need to release an 18+ rated game for those who want a little more realism.
putita123's avatar
if they could die, you probably exterminate all zigzagoons bidoofs and etc
SheTheTDE's avatar
I expected it to end with "it's not very effective"
omg fire the wave motion gun!
togepi1234's avatar
Pokemon logic is super weird XD
VoxelTheCatDog's avatar
 At first I thought that oshawott wasn't gonna faint and he'd be like: I AM OP >:D
Midna01's avatar
I laughed more than I should XDD
abrapi's avatar
Logic pokemon in epic artwork. 
Thanks for this eyecandy!
datrain's avatar
this made me happy and laugh at the same timeXD
halberdierv2's avatar
reminds me of the Brawl in The Family take on this, though that was pretty much a supernova hyper beam.
sonicgail's avatar
dat pokémon logic tho...
seriously, I went to google pictures and searched for pokémon logic once... best choice I ever made XD
NoobGamerGirl's avatar
so true..just..too true xD
Star-Gamer's avatar
You cannot be rid of that easily! :iconoshawottplz:
DavidTH90Animations's avatar
hyper beam...more like a damn final flash
DragodrawAndNightTJ's avatar
most powerful Normal attack? still can't kill.
Not even if you use more incredibly powerful moves like Hydro Cannon or Roar of Time.
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