Catch It
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Oh wow!! that's a....

*shits bricks*

This is tiring...
Don't stare at it for too long ok?

EDIT: Added a few more Pokemon
EDIT2: Added a few more, and my last edit... will not add more...

Each Pokemon were drawn manually, I did not copy-pasted the sprites from the game...

Check Out the differences: [link]

Done in PSCS3 208 frames


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CartoonAnimeFan2000's avatar
What an shapeshifting pokemon
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marineblueflower's avatar
marineblueflower|Hobbyist General Artist
When ditto  screw around at a player
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EnemyBlue's avatar
EnemyBlue|Hobbyist Filmographer
congratulation you caught a jfjdhsnfjanenvksjenvjzbac
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SirHonkers's avatar
SirHonkers|Hobbyist Artist
Its a ditto but can't figure out what to be
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Infinitydragon36's avatar
Infinitydragon36|Hobbyist General Artist
Darn you ditto, DARN YOU!!!!
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PsychoGrey's avatar
Ahhh, the legendary NOPEia, of Pokémon NOPE cersion
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FoxGamer13's avatar
FoxGamer13|Student General Artist
If it changes to a shiny, CATCH IT.
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ZTheGS's avatar
ZTheGS|Hobbyist General Artist
This is awesome! :D (Big Grin)

Gotta catch them all! Pokeball 
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HiroKimura's avatar
HiroKimura|Hobbyist General Artist
This is so addictive to watch...
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Scothab's avatar
Scothab|Hobbyist General Artist
When should I catch it? XD Gonna time for that shaymin lololol
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Jolbucley's avatar
I want to catch it and feed it coffee, just to see what happens.  Is that bad?
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DrDuckSauce's avatar
DrDuckSauce|Student Digital Artist
this actually went on longer than i expected
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NimbleFlourish's avatar
It's either Ditto or Mew and their trolling so hard right now.
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Jazzalent's avatar
Jazzalent| General Artist
....                                       .... No comment ... no words......            for it cannot be described
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Emberphyte's avatar
Emberphyte|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so fucking conflicted right now
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RazorVolare's avatar
RazorVolare|Hobbyist Photographer
Forgot Smergle
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Ocxin's avatar
It's MissingNo, I'm sure.

Or wait, is it... TERMINAL7!
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nekowanza's avatar
nekowanza|Hobbyist Artist
A Ditto
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PartyEndermanXD's avatar
PartyEndermanXD|Hobbyist General Artist
I think it's a ditto
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CrossSansFTW's avatar
Thats uhh.....a headache in pure form
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C4RR13KRU3G3R's avatar
C4RR13KRU3G3R|Student Digital Artist
zorua why--
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