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Aithne's Collection

By Khalitzburg
Here's my OC Aithne..... again...

well anyway this is the 2nd time a made something like this..
this is the first one: [link]

So how many can you identify?

PSCS3, SAI, and Mouse
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Is Aithne gamer and otaku?
MephilesTheDark2182's avatar
I see a Met Robot on the top shelf...must be a MegaMan fan. :3
angry bird, creeper, pokeball. and weird onion.
kingfox66's avatar
that is a cool pics
raseru09's avatar
Gaahh She has everything!
CyberWolf626's avatar
I caught a glimpse of the Space Core and a Creeper, that just made my day!
shizeri's avatar
what are you using when making this kind of artwork?
Khalitzburg's avatar
Paint Tool SAI for Lineart
Adobe Photoshop CS3 for everything else
shizeri's avatar
ahhh... u done it well :) the graphics look pretty cool and smooth.. very detailed
CommodoreZeke's avatar
A pokute! Aithne has excellent taste.
mikki90's avatar
Wow, skimpy shorts! Sexy! And adorable art! Nice job!
RavenVonBloodimir's avatar
gfm21's avatar
love her shorts and the angry birds plush
U-T-E-Y's avatar
A cute girl deserve cute toys
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Marshika's avatar
I see: Pororo, Jake from Adventure Time, A minecraft enemy or something, mechas from Gundamseed and/or voltes five :3, red angry bird, bob teh snail? xD from the game? O.O, nyan cat :3, a new generation pokeball? xD, is that a robot bear? o.o , a Fairy tail guild lodo or whatever it's called, a usb? Dx, the garlic in plants vs. Zombies :33, cardcaptor sakura's wand or something :3, well, tahst allI could identify T-T awesoome collection though :3
264125's avatar
That'sssss a very nice Collection you've got there... It'd be a ssssshame if anything were to happen to it...
janvill's avatar
the perspective on the shelf is a little bit off though..but still, awesome piece..:D
Darkshadow49's avatar
that lot of collections D:
jadenkaiba's avatar
RikkuHimura's avatar
Kupo and angry birds!! yay!!
Jibari-chan's avatar
I see Pororo and the Angry bird and some mecha :rofl:


And... and... you play PANGYA? :la::rofl:
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