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Jacen Fel

Jacen Fel is the descendant of Jagged Fel and Jaina Solo, requested by TD1545 in the SWAG Forums.

Penciled and painted mostly with Painter Classic over the space of 1.5 hours.
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He has silver lightsaber blade, he has.
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That would make sense. Jaina naming her son after her late twin brother.
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Unless it's another Fel family member who was named after yet another Jacen. :D
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Maybe he was named after Jacen Burrows. LOL.
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Good combination of his Mom and Dad!:clap:
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According to the requester at the link above, the character is a "descendant" of Jag and Jaina, so he might be a grandson or a great-grandson. :)
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love the concept hish!
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Thanks, Jer. There's a whole bunch of Imperial Knights in Star Wars: Legacy comics and the Legacy Era Sourcebook.
Not bad. I assume he is supposed to be an Imperial Knight?
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I like your colouring technique. Nice imperial knight btw, he looks very natural.
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Amazingly smooth rendition for a "rushed" artwork. :drool:

The colors and textures are great, and I think his pose and head totally fit. Only the shading on his cape seems to fall out of place.
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