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Fastball Express

A group illustration of the posthuman, "pre-emptive retrieval specialists" from the hypercorp Fastball Express, from the Eclipse Phase game I play in. Bishop-Six the heavy hitter ghost morph, Kay the dog-shaped flexbot, Quill the async paper origami maker, Verlian the face man, Billy Cable Jr. in the neotenic morph, D12 the A.G.I. ship's infomorph seen here in a small drone copter and hanging on to him is Hokusai the neo-octopus.

Regular pencil and inks, and inkwash.
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What an awesomely unique group can you tell me what the character's backgrounds and factions?
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I am unsure of our factions. I'm Scum but I aspire to be a Socialite (Uplifts can't begin as Socialites), there are at least two other Scums - Cable is one, IIRC. Bishop-Six there is an Ultimate. I should read the rests' character sheets next time. Heh heh.
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This is so wickedly awesome. I love the ink style!
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Whoa that's a crazy cool group! Is that a helicopter carrying around your octopus character? Is that also Charlie Brown Gadgetized from the future? I also love someone in your group made a character that make origami... Amazing!!!!
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that "helicopter" is a synthmorph model called Dragonfly very mobile (8/32 movement rate) but fairly fragile (durability 25, wound threshold 5). it a good morph for AI or infugees.

Personnally, I have a soft spot for the Alpiner (in Sunward) and the Aquanaut (in Gatecrashing). The later got a +5 in Coordination and +10 in Somatics

that can be really handy!
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The copter is the mobile, off-ship sleeve for our ship's artificial intelligence. It's a player character itself. Also, once we tried to launch chaff countermeasures made of little origami cranes... inside our ship, as opposed to, you know... outside.
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