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Dhohanoid Dolphin

This new kind of dhohanoid was commissioned for a friend's Cthulhutech game he had planned to run for months. I was hoping to join the game although I know of the dolphin dhohanoid reveal, but then the plan was foiled by me having the flu.

Yeah, first it chatters at you with its adorable dolphin chatter at the pier, then you bend down to play with it in the water, then it rises up on its writhing mass of tentacles...
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Not often do I see a dolphin that is terrifying; very refreshing. Concept reminds me of a kelpie in that it's a normally friendly animal tempting people to their dooms.
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Thanks! It was the gamemaster's idea.
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Ah, the joy of running the game! :) Do you ever draw your own character or the other PC's in a campaign?
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Oh yes I do. I just uploaded one not 5 minutes ago from our Eclipse Phase game.
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Awesome idea, I love the comic book kind of feel to it...I like that you combined an octopus with a lobster and a dolphin to make a very disturbing creature.

The only thing I'd say is...I feel like the red isn't really needed. it can look gory with black marks instead of red; they just don't seem to blend well with the piece. Overall, though, cool concept and very disturbing.
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Thanks! The red is my own experiment on this piece. It was supposed to be all monochrome. I probably wont do anything like it again unless it's called for. :)
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You're welcome :)

Yeah, it can be tricky. Sometimes it's necessary for contrast or to bring something out.
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It's adorable-in a scary Lovecraftian kind of way!
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Heh! That the feeling it was supposed to evoke when revealed! :D
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Holy cats, man! I'm now afraid of dolphins.
Love the beak-crotch(there's sumthin' I never thought I'd say)
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