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Aboard the USS Moonstar

The  player characters of my Star Trek Adventures campaign, the Trill pilot Lt. Cmdr. Jora Mungar, the Cardassian security officer and mission commander Lt. Kodar Tamat and the human engineering officer Lt. J. G. Simon Cañete are aboard the Danube-class runabout USS Moonstar on an away mission from the USS Sienkiewicz.
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Looks like the helmet Fluke Starbucker wore in Hardware wars.

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They're wearing the Spock helmet XD

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I was GMing the session and they thought they would design a telepathic shielding helmet and get the replicator to make it. They were all expecting a Magneto-like helmet; then I posted the pic of the Spock helmet. We had to stop playing for 5 minutes because we couldn't stop chuckling.