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But Not Regret
Mega Man Zero
But Not Regret
“Not bad… hero!”

The transformed Dr. Weil yelled out as explosions ripped out of the mechanical frame of Ragnarok’s core fused to his own body.  The domed room reverberated from the blast, shaking greatly as the gouts of fire lashed out at it, tearing the thick cables on the ground, lashing out against the core’s original protective covering.  I threw up a gauntleted hand as bright light lanced out of the grievous wound that ran the length of the mad scientist’s new form, the wound that had been caused by my own glowing blade.  Soon more rays of light lanced out from the other wounds that peppered his body, and I took a step back, shielding myself with the Z-Saber.
An expanding wave of fire suddenly burst out of every opening on his body, engulfing Weil in a gigantic orb of fire that only grew larger.  The shockwave of the blast pushed me back, and as the rumbling chamber began to
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Diablo: tAoC Chapter 1
The Awakening of Chaos
Chapter One
Desert Terror

"Halt!  Who are you?" the battle-hardened guard demanded, pointing his spear at the unknown warrior before him.  The warrior merely lifted his hand out of the battle-worn red cape, revealing the armor underneath, and moved the spear out of the way.
"You don't need to know," he said.  He glared at the old soldier with his impetuous green eyes from under his dark brown hair, making the guard flinch, and then walked through the gate to the town of Lut Gholien.  He had a cross-shaped scar across the right side of his face, and another scar just underneath his left eye.  The sun had darkened his skin, and he wore dulled battle-armor over dark blue and black garb.  A worn, socketed longsword was strapped to his left hip, and inserted in it were four perfect gems—a ruby, a sapphire, a topaz, and an emerald.  Truly, a weapon to be feared.
Rua Dragonheart had long
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Diablo: tAoC Prologue
The Awakening of Chaos
A Promise of Vengeance

Kalia swung low with her katana and parried the dark warrior's blow.  She twisted her wrist and spun her opponent's sword off of hers and lashed out in a flurry of slashes, but each strike was parried.  This isn't good, she thought as she looked off at her brother Rua, who was trying to free himself from the fallen wall that was collapsed by Ziatoch's powerful spell.  She swung upward again with her blade and blocked Ziatoch's dark sword.
"Wrong move," he whispered as he locked blades and slammed her against the wall of the ruins.  She managed to push him off and finally got a look at the warrior that the Angels and Archangels had begun to call the Master of Darkness.  Black and purple armor covered his entire body.  On the cuirass, two dark blue gems sided a large demons' skull, and strange symbols were etched into the pauldrons.  The gold t
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Diablo: tAoC Introduction
The Awakening of Chaos

Ten years…
That is how long it has been since the Heretic War began… the war between seven mortal warriors and the Prime Evils.  An amazon, an assassin, a barbarian, a druid, a necromancer, a paladin, and a sorceress traveled the length of the world, over the temperate climates of the Western Kingdoms, across the desert wastes of Aranoch, through the hot, humid jungles of Kurast… and even into Hell itself.  And it ended within the vast mountain of Arreat, deep within the Worldstone Keep, where Baal, the Lord of Destruction, played his final hand by corrupting the Worldstone before he was slain by the Heroes.  And thus, the Heretic War ended.
But the Sin War…
It has not ended.  Even thrown deep into the Abyss, Diablo still has other ways of corrupting the mortal plane and finally winning the war over All Creation.
Of all the corrupt humans in the world, his greatest minion was
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