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Transformers RID #7 cover colors

Lines: :iconcaliber316:
Colors: :iconkhaamar:


Line art by the amazing Casey Coller, colors by me. Robots in Disguise #7 is out already.


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Optimus775's avatar
I read this issue the other day.
JokerCarnage5's avatar
Turmoil has become one of my absolute favorite Decepticons ever! ;)
diggermutant's avatar
I love the red tint on Turmoil. The colors really bring out his hunksicle-ness :B
The-Dapper-Scrapper's avatar
Man you made Turmoil look an absolute beast here!
xaviir20's avatar
Nice and cool.
JetSetMax's avatar
Is that Devastator?
AriesWarlock's avatar
I think he's called Turnmoil.
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screamster's avatar
beautiful work. I was one of those who was sad when I thought he was killed by Drift...always was one for bad guys- or rather Decepticons. your coloring looks staggering. Nice work there :love:
LotteBubbles's avatar
Ohhhh Shitttttttt.....

Wicked colouring as always, but this is....'not good' seems like an understatement....
chaoman's avatar
That looks like so much fun. I'd love to get into reading some of the Transformer comics again.
Cylinder-the-Autobot's avatar
Looks awesome! Nice coloring :)
Aris9's avatar
lol, love it!

it was such a "oh craaaaap" moment X"D
Killer-Sweet's avatar
SoulEaterXMaka's avatar
that's INCREDIBLE!!!
Nightspin's avatar
Oh noes... Turmoil ;A;
LotteBubbles's avatar
This is not good.....seriously not good
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Drift's bestest friend is back!
spydee74's avatar
Do u do sketch cards.
Aesgir's avatar
Your colors really knock this pen out of the ball park...
Teyowisonte's avatar
Awesome as always!
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