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Transformers RID #5 cover colors

Lines: :iconcaliber316:
Colors: :iconkhaamar:


Line art by the amazing Casey Coller, colors by me. Robots in Disguise #5 is out this week!


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MissSparkle1's avatar
And does Bumblebee have a cane?
GrungeWerXshop's avatar
MissSparkle1's avatar
Whose is the yellow bot in front of Starscream? I know it's not Bumblebee because he's also in this pic.
KaminoNeko's avatar
Is that Metalhawk in front of Screamer? Coller's style is so different from the interiors, with so many details blocked, it's hard to tell...

(Beautiful cover, regardless.)
Aris9's avatar
Ohhh can't wait!!

And damn, your colouring is so pro!
S-2385's avatar
love it ...doe's bumblebee have a cane?
hellbat's avatar
God I love ur work so much!
Keep up the Good Work!
Iseultnel's avatar
arceeenergon's avatar
cooool ironhide :D
Kaddson's avatar
Your coloring is beautiful! *Q*
Chupathingy01's avatar
Mmmm. Dat lighting~

Wanna read wanna read wanna read!
RazzieMbessai's avatar
Wow, those colours are delicious! :chew:

butwaitaminute... is that a a starscream i spy in the background?
SingingFlames's avatar
This looks sooooo cool! And, Starscream? What's he doing there? Gah, I gotta catch up on these... :shakefist:
The-Phantom-616's avatar
Cant wait to read this tomorrow
Wait... is starscream on their side? O.O
SingingFlames's avatar
You know, that was my first thought to. I'm behind on this series (dammit) but I can't wait to catch up. And, yeah, Starscream standing with them really has my curiousity up... :confused:
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