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Transformers RID #11 cover colors

Lines: :iconcaliber316:
Colors: :iconkhaamar:


Line art by the great Casey Coller, colors by me! I've to admit I had lots of fun with this one. 'sycho Arcee yeaaaah

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I know that the comics make it impossible, but it would be amazing if she fights the DJD, even if she will be very death agaist one of them easily
bouncingdynamo's avatar
Your colors really bring out the savagery of one of the more underrated autobots. Nicely done!
gillspar's avatar
Any one else hot for metal? Meow :3 
Ashoof's avatar
WOW! this is SOO COOL! just the action man! 
Phenometron's avatar
Arcee is totally not a slouch here. She's actually fighting for what's right.
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ShaneNewville's avatar
I want this as a poster on my wall
Scarlet-Thorrn's avatar
Okay Arcee, you can calm down now XD Lol, she looks pretty bad- ur... 'aft' XD
Negare's avatar
Good to see a femme with a little more steel on her struts. Most of them look like a stiff breeze could knock 'em over.
Tyler5036's avatar
"little more steel on her struts" Actually I like that.
accidental-zombie's avatar
Awesome job...still hate what was done with Arcee though...
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she is a bad girl!!jejeje , great!!
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
You know, that "lipstick" makes her about a hundred times more freaky. Soundwave, Shockwave, & Co. never stood a chance.
Brithe-Avannee's avatar
This is beautiful.
markerguru's avatar
LemonadeStandOfLife's avatar
ah perfect beautiful lady
kotteri's avatar
sweeeet. arcee is so cool X3
blackhellcat's avatar
She's now a murderous bitch. :O
SingingFlames's avatar
Go 'sycho Arcee! :squee: Great work as always! The sparking/glowing sword effect is very nice. :nod:
JoeTeanby's avatar
Yes! I absolutely love this cover! Straight into my favourites!
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