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Transformers MTMTE #12 RI cover colors

Lines: :iconcaliber316:
Colors: :iconkhaamar:


I bet a lot of people hate me by now for not posting this one earlier heh-- behold! your waiting is finally over.

This cover is an homage to the Beatles' album: "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" [link] featuring the Lost Light crew. Again I tried to keep the vibe of the original one going on, except for the black and white people that appeared on the original cover. Check out Casey's lines below as well because they are friggin' amazing.

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Nicely done. :)
bouncingdynamo's avatar
Your color work is fantastic!

Is this 100% digital? It's got some good, subtle texturing going on.
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Then Megatron joined the crew and became co-captain with Rodimus after he became an Autobot. ;)
ha! instant fav %-)
Kaizer617's avatar
Out of everyone here, I only recognize half of these guys.
AriesWarlock's avatar
Funny seeing Cyclonus there.
crusader1081's avatar
One word sums it all up: Amazing!!

I liked Bob and Ore on the foreground.
Is this the greatest Transformers cover ever m-- Yes. Yes it is.
One of my absolute favourites! I love the group shots :D I do hope this gets made into a poster or print someday.
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a,azing I love it !!=)
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This really needs to be made into a poster.
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"Autobot code unabridged"... I died laughing.
Phenometron's avatar
Lozalot's avatar
Dude simply amazing! Instant fave!
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As always Joana you smashed it!
Balthazar321's avatar
These groupshots are always nice, and the added vegetation here makes it stand out a bit. It's very nice!
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Sgt Roddy's Lonely Sparks Club Band...
InfinityFace's avatar
Woa.... Awesome!!! XDXD
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Within a certain margin of error, I can pic out everyone up there except for 2.
Teal/Green guy between Whirl and Gears and...
Big Green next to Mainframe (below who I believe to be Sandstorm)

Easily my favorite cover homage ever!
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Dipstick beside Whirl and Gears

And Hoist next to Mainframe. :)
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