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Spotlight Blurr cover

By khaamar
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Line-art: :iconcaliber316:
Coloring: :iconkhaamar:


Cover for the upcoming IDW's Transformers' Blurr Spotlight, drawn by the great Casey Coller and written by Shane MacCarthy. Colors by you know who (:

Out in December!

Hope y'all dig it!
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Awesome Blurr you draw, I think I like it.
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Blurr looks so badass in here, i really, really love that.
You guys did an amazing job on his design :D
Thanks to the IDW Comics i started to love the Generations Transformers so much :3.
Thank you for making all those wonderful comics and i hope to see more of that in the future :D.
Personally i would love to see a Spotlight for Pharma, Kaon and maaaaayyybe Perceptor as well in the future :iconhurrplz:
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hnng, I just keep coming back to this. You guys did serious awesome with this, it's too good for a fan girl to handle sometimes <3.
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absolutely love Blurr :D great work
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....I only wish I was a quarter this good...
Im not forgetful, I just.... Wait... What were we talking about again? ^^'
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canihavethisasmyavaterplease :3
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OH MY GAWD! :drool: that is so sexy....
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If you got more than one comment I apolagize. I am sending these out to random artists.
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This is awesome!
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I went crazy when I found this at the store. I bought it, of course, but now I find you on dA here!! ^_^ Amazing work, it's really brilliant.
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Stunning job on the colouring. Blurr looks very shiny indeed. :p
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Awesome job! Blur has always been one of my favorites since the original Transformers Movie. You did a great job, I just love the way you made him look *ooooOOOooooo Shiny!* :D
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OMG He looks amazingly sexy! I love the smirk and posture. *faints*
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:drool: So...SMEXY!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love the impression of abs. The way the metal folds makes me laugh. It's gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen a shinier Blurr! He looks amazingly sexy in this pose and the smirk makes my day! Great coloring job!
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love that stuck-up smile of his.
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sorry ^^; XD
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Wow... Talk about an ugly duckling turning into a swan.
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Couldn't agree more.
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holy queen of SHEEBA! that looks amazing! :wow:
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