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Megatron pwns Bay's Megatron

By khaamar
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Line-art: :iconneurowing:
Coloring: :iconkhaamar:


The concept (and line-art!) was so good that I couldn't resist coloring it the moment I had the chance to it (: I tried to give it a bit of the movie's poster color scheme ;P Hope you like this colored version! Please go see the line-art version too -> [link] !!
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deadliestwarrior2Hobbyist General Artist

"such bayhemic nonsense."

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G1 Megatron: so you got beheaded by Optimus hmm. I got an idea

A few Megacycles in Shockwaves lab

G1 Megatron: You are now reborn and voiced by Frank Welker and you now have a fusion cannon

welcome to the rest of the Megatrons

TLK Megatron: Yeeeeesssssss

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LordMillenIrisGreenHobbyist General Artist

Something went wrong but it's like in the Legacy of Kaim and Buzz Lightyer.

HOMEFACTORYProfessional Filmographer
Beast wars megertron say yes.
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Y'know what? Both are equally incompetent at accomplishing their goals. Just one a gimpy little gun, and he other changes bodies so often he surpasses BW Megatron at having he most bodies.
ZEPHYRDICKYHobbyist General Artist
Soudnwave: Michael Bay,  R E J E E E E E C T  .
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"What a miserable excuse for a Decepticon!" -G1 Megatron
DeathofInk's avatar
THIS is Megatron.
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xaviir20Student Artist
G1 megs will always be the best one ever and micheal bay should be fired for ruining the g1 series too.
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Tuvieja1100Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Such a shame that Bayformers isn't as good as they should be. A lot of people hate the designs, but for the most part i'll say they look cool (except Wheeljack, ugh....) 
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G1 Megs: Theatrics will get you nowhere on the battlefield. AND my fusion cannon is better
G1 Starscream: Well, that escalated quickly
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menslady125Hobbyist Filmographer
:sing: Bayformers, garbage in disguise.
skullcrucher's avatar
Oh, do the same, but with Soundwave. G1 Superior, Bay's Inferior.
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loganjames210Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The Bayformers movies in their entirety are absolute dogshit. 
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Yu-Gi-NosStudent General Artist
This is superb, yess :)
lilyoftheval5's avatar

Go True Megatron.
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gave that guy a permanent power down
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EbonisaProfessional General Artist
I love this SO MUCH!!!
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TheDreamVistaStudent General Artist
They're somehow the same thing to be honest.
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PhoenixfirexHobbyist Digital Artist
I actually enjoy the Michael Bay Transformers Movies,
but... You can't beat Ol' Buckethead.

While G1 Megatron was an Arrogant Idiot, he is my favorite version of the character (but that's probably the nostalgia talking)
With TFA and TFP sharing the number 2 spot
However, there's one thing i always HATED about G1...
The fact that he turns into a GUN! A tank makes SO much more sense...

Oops... Sorry for for the rant...^^;
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DracoAlpha General Artist
:icong1megatronplz:: An embarrassment of a Decepticon.
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G1 Megatron will always be the best version.
SketchingRich's avatar
Who would win?
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TheMightyShockwaveHobbyist Traditional Artist
G1 Megatron: As you can see, I am the TRUE Megatron! Accept no substitutes!

Bay Megatron: I have been shown who is the boss!

In all seriousness, G1 is probably my favorite iteration of Transformers, alongside TFP. Bayformers is probably my least favorite. Those movies were awful...
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