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Maximum Dinobots 4 cover

Lines: Nick Roche
Colors: :iconkhaamar:


Cover for Maximum Dinobots #4 (colored at speed of light). Interiors colored by me as well! Out next Wednesday, April 1st -- no lie (;
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Isn't Repugnus a Autobot Monsterbot or something?
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haha, Nick is brilliant! XDD Love it!
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The only way this could be more awesome would be if Sludge and Repugnus were wearing Gurren Lagann shades.
Gozer-The-Destroyor's avatar
Well, the front legs would be a little closer to each other and further down to the center of the chest, but otherwise, yeah.
I'm really impressed with his head the most.
Gozer-The-Destroyor's avatar
Heh, I like the new Dinobots. Sludge actually looks like a realistic sauropod, right down to the distinctly diplodocoid head.
Damatee's avatar
Awesome as usual
exgraphics's avatar
I cannot wait for this issue. The colors look great!
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I'm loving the action on this cover. The colours work well, but I cant really think of any one quality that is outstanding in them. They're solid and they don't bring any detriment to the lines, but they're missing a certain quality I tend to see in your work.

Im certain the speed at which this was done had an impact on that.
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Nick wanted a non-clean coloring, different from the interiors. I think it came out quite decent considering how quick it was colored but, fear not, I compensated on #5's cover (;
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Gitcha. Looking forward to it.
trevhutch's avatar
How quick is quick? A couple of hours? Less?
khaamar's avatar
A bit less than 2 hours yes.
MikePriest83's avatar
That is amazing. One of my favorite covers in recent memory.
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Someone gimme a 'hell yeah'
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not Sides, sorry d:
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That Machination Headmaster deserves it!
GWolf21's avatar
Stupid clone, you go squish now!
fishpop's avatar
repungus, sludge and sideswipe
khaamar's avatar
not Sideswipe -- it's a red colored Headmaster based on Sunstreaker's model.
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