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Bug and Bumblebee

By khaamar
My very late xmas present for :iconraya: :heart: :hug:

Over Bumblebee's head there's Bug! One of her OC characters [link] but has nothing to do nor related to TFs. I just thought they would fit wonderfully in a same pic and I didn't resist doing it :D

Movie BBB was awesome to draw! I never thought the movie designs were so cool to draw but they are, even tho they consume more time than the others. Once in a while can't harm ya!
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© 2008 - 2021 khaamar
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wera18's avatar
he left for you insanely
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
shadowedinnocents's avatar
OMG Bug has my eyes!!
horsehugger626's avatar
I love the boy with the two colored eyes!
Prinzessinumi's avatar
Oh my, how cute!!
I love Bumblebee, he's the cutest creature in Earth and Cibertron *-*
JamesMorrow07's avatar
I'm totally digging this style of art.
teh-secks's avatar
absolute cuteness xD
VeraPeneda's avatar
Isto está fabuloso! Tdos aqueles detalhes na cara do Bumblebee estão algo de suberbos! E a expressão do Bug está tão fofa :aww:
Fantástico mesmo!
khaamar's avatar
Obrigado (: Fiquei muito contente com este desenho pois foi a primeira vez que desenhei a versão do filme dele. Surpreendida até.
VeraPeneda's avatar
De nada :)
Acredito qye tenhas ficado contente sim. Este trabalho é motivo de orgulho até de tao bom q está :D :heart:
ScarlingRagdoll666's avatar
This rocks so damn much.... it's not funny.... :wow: :faint:
Awesome job!!
TurtleDreamer's avatar
lol ditto to this persons comment. I couldn't have said it better, and I can't find the "not worthy" kowtowing smiley.
RaptorArts's avatar
Holy shit absolutely incredible!!!
Sythgara's avatar
see..that's the quality of work id love to see in transformers cartoon..not some piccasso version. u'd think cartoons should get bettr and better with the technology and stuff that we have now, and it seems to go other way around
khaamar's avatar
After a while you get used to it and it's not so bad. I'm still hoping for a kickass cartoon of G1 but for now I must say that this new show ain't bad at all.
Sythgara's avatar
well ive seen's not bad but i feel more that im watching teen titans than transformers. it doesn't have the same mood...and those lame comments to make the action more like comedy is was not a comedy
khaamar's avatar
They did it for 6 year old kids still sometimes I think they are pushing the rope a bit and some stuff is definitely not for kids.
Sythgara's avatar
yeah the stuff they air for kids..or overall this days (in US, haven't seen that in my country) is getting out of control. I mean family guy and that my country would air no earlier than 10..and sometimes i see stuff like that in early hours...or those freaking commercials to help you with sex life etx..either on radio or on trains...its just not a subject of taboo anymore.
dan-costa's avatar
Tremendous piece of work, loved it :)
Hemno's avatar
tenho de admitir que ficam espetacularmente bem um junto ao outro! akele splash de amarelo e negro combina automaticamente!
Ainda n vi o filme (pra vergonha minha...consinto espancamentos pelo crime) mas como os vejo as personalidades combinam igualmente perfeitamente!
khaamar's avatar
Ide JÁ alugar/comprar o filme!! ><
Hemno's avatar
Este mês já comprei o Silver surfer... mês que vem sem falta... -_-'' irei sem duvida expiar-me de tal vil acto!
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