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AHM 15: Perceptor cover

Lines: :iconcaliber316:
Colors: :iconkhaamar:


Colors for the amazing cover by artist Casey Coller (whom lines can be seen here [link])!

AHM #15, featuring Perceptor's story, is out on September 16th. Enjoy!
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I love the background and the colors! It must've been a little strange to color this one, considering the depth of the background itself and how the image seems to float like a hologram :D
khaamar's avatar
yeah it was quite a challenge. I didn't know exactly what to do with it at first because I couldn't just color like I do everything else. It was fun at the end (:
Cortes2k's avatar
Simply... "Genial"
tainry's avatar
Beautifully done. One of the best covers EVER. So completely apt. The mere mention of "improved protection" from the rare Adamant crystal breastplate is wibble-inducing. <3
DO WANT posters, t-shirts, stickers, mugs, anything. Damn!
khaamar's avatar
Thanks (: . I'd love some more merchandise of the covers we and other artists do but, for now, it's not possible /: .
hde2009's avatar
Wowee! That's an attention grabbing image! Love the restrained colour scheme.
BHS-ArchetypeRex's avatar
Oh Lordy Perceptor. Friggin' fantastic image here, YES. I will have to attack my local comic book store when this comes out just to get this cover.
khaamar's avatar
Did you get it? (:
BHS-ArchetypeRex's avatar
Indeed I did. And squee'd all the way, haha!
khaamar's avatar
That's great -- glad you enjoyed it (:
bioc's avatar
This cover is so very sweet as well as unique!


You both did a great job on this.
PriscillaTR's avatar
<3 Kickass work you guys!
cyberjam's avatar
wow another great piece!
can't wait to get it!!! =)
ThunderScythe's avatar
Just make me want it more, why don't you? D:

*claws* I can't wait that long!!! *sob*
exgraphics's avatar
I will definitely be picking up this cover. You and Casey make an awesome team!

(Perce Norris for the win?)
khaamar's avatar

(oh yeah d: )
dryadic's avatar
You and Casey make the most wonderful team.
khaamar's avatar
Thanks, means a lot (:
DeviantDolphinART's avatar
Oooohhh That is sooooo wierd... I LIKE IT!~:heart: :iconilikeitplz:
kurisama's avatar
Bloody beautiful ^__^ I love it! Congrats to both of you!
Schmedderling's avatar
I kinda wish I could read that list of upgrades you mentioned, or some of the other tiny text. I always find that kind of stuff interesting.

Otherwise, this is an amazing cover, and it's definitely one of my favourite TF covers out there.
JaredGrammer's avatar
Absolutely one of the best cover I've seen in a long while. :D
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