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Hey guys! KaiserTiger here!

First off, on behalf of the admin team, I'd like to thank everyone for joining over the past month and making #KH-Pridelands a successful group. <3 We really appreciate your support.

On another note, I'd like to address an issue about the "Fan made characters" folder as there seems to be a little confusion about what goes there. The Fan made characters folder is ONLY for human characters, preferably Kingdom Hearts OCs, in their Pride Lands forms OR Lion king OC's directly inspired by kingdom hearts, and have some sort of relation to it. In other words, this folder is only for characters who are directly related or inspired by kingdom hearts, not for characters who are just regular OC's. We will also accept pictures of OC's reacting with kingdom hearts characters. While we love seeing your lion, hyena, or other African animal original characters, this isn't the place to upload them. :aww: We have a few affiliates that would gladly accept your submissions though. <3

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! <33

The #KH-Pridelands admin team: Kitchiki & KaiserTiger

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KH Animal AU - Roxas - Big Cat Hybrid (Leo) by FinchCritter
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Other Characters
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Pete and Perna as Lions by thieviusracoonus
Mixed Characters
SoRoku Lion Cubs: Pinned Ya by cherryfreshlime
SoRoku Lion Cubs by cherryfreshlime
Pridelands Proud Roar by Hyuzumaki-Girl
Riku and Felicia as Lions by thieviusracoonus
Fan Made Characters
Kobayashi Pride Adolescent Adopts (3/6 OPEN) by DeadThorn-Draws
The pridelands(KH 2 world form) by SammyChanArts
Off To Cause Trouble by BosleyBoz
Donald and Goofy
KH Goofy Turtle Form by sorawolfkiba
Turtle Goofy by The-Fuzzy-Squeaker
Aqua, Ven and Terra
Wayfinder Trio as Adult Lions by thieviusracoonus
KH Animal AU - Ventus - Big Cat Hybrid (Leo) by FinchCritter
Forge the X-Blade aka Nines Commission by cherryfreshlime
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Lion King characters
kingdom hearts 2 by axous03
Wildcats: Sora and Simba by 2wolfan
Heartless Scar by xx5arahxx
Sora playing with Kiara by Silverkey101
Cosplay and Crafts
Kingdom Hearts Figure by Aderinaz


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I have a picture I've been debating in posting. I drew the characters as humans but in the Pride lands, does that count? I know it's a silly question. Xion number 14

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