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Here's the finish of The Doctor. I made it a higher resolution in case someone was interested in getting a print, though I highly doubt it. I've gotten a few print requests for other things so I thought I'd give it a shot. Hope you like!

11/5/08 - Been kinda refusing to accept this but.... I guess David Tennant is done as the Doctor after the next 4 specials. That SUCKS. But, I do have faith in them to come up with a good replacement. I liked Christopher Eccelston and was leery of Tennant, so that was a great surprise. Hey, I've got a nutty casting idea and I actually had this thought BEFORE he appeared in an episode. How about... bear with me... Colin Salmon?
If a black man can be President why can't a black man be Doctor Who? : ) Actually, he's a little older than I would like for the role. Ten years younger and he would be pretty cool.... I guess I have to immerse myself in young British actors( man, that came out wrong!) and see who would be a cool Doctor. Hey, how about Battlestar's own Jaime Bamber? Hmmmmm.... What do you guys think?

12/3/2009 - Well.... we here in the states now know when David Tennant's final Doctor Who is: January 2nd will be the dreaded date when the second half of "The End Of Time" will air on BBC America, a week after Part 1 airs. Boy, I am not happy about this. I will support Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor and watch his run but, man... I'm gonna miss David Tennant. This guy is STELLAR as the Doctor and no doubt brought tons more fans to the franchise. Definitely one of the greatest sci-fi performances of all time. His run will be iconic. Gonna miss you Mr. Tennant. Maybe one day you'll step out of the Tardis again. Long Live the 10th Doctor!
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D: you made tennant creepy. *cries and cowers in corner*
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Lol... sorry. He can be hardcore sometimes. Think of this as Tennant from "The Family of Blood". Ooooh, he was DARK in that one....
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AWESOME!! Love the exaggeration! :D
David Tennant was the BEST!
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Thanks so much! I have to admit, Matt Smith is pretty good. But I agree with you, David Tennant was my favorite. It would be cool to see him as the Doctor again, one last time. Thanks again!
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OMG, that eyebrow makes me laugh! ^_^
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Thanks! lol... I really enjoyed doing this piece. I'm gonna do a Matt Smith Doctor soon! Thanks again!
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Ah, I look forward to it!

I miss Ten too. At least there's good fanfiction.
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Lol... ok. Thank you!
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Wow, this is so cool.
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Thanks! And long live the Tenth Doctor! I'm gonna miss that guy....
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Me too... I hope the new actor does the role justice...

Great stuff, kgreene. Love your caricatures!
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Hi, we talked about this during Bridging the Rift podcast episode 11: [link] :)
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WOW. I thank you VERY much for mentioning my Doctor Who piece. I feel honoured ( so much so that I spelled honour with a "u". Not bad for a guy from Brooklyn.) Thank again!
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Glad you appreciated it :)
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YAY,David Tennant,i'm going to miss him:(
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