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FlatOut Icons

FlatOut is a new icon set for many launchers. It consists of many uniquely designed icons with a flat look!

✖Apex (Icons and Skin)
✖Nova (Icons)
✖ADW (Icons)
✖Action Launcher (Icons)
✖Holo Launcher (Icons)

✖100 icons themed
✖Icon mask included
✖8 Wallpapers

✖Will be updated weekly

✖Download from Google

✖Alex Miller, for being "DA MAN," helping me out
✖the1dynasty for providing the initial temple/guide/tutorial
✖Kay Drey, Byron Cotucs, Samuel Koker, Greg Selby and Samantha Conner for helping with the testing/support
✖Lastly to all my followers/fans/android community for the support
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Featured at DesignAWorld tumblr :la:
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papn2's avatar
looks great.thx
kgill77's avatar
thanks and your welcome :D
daktoa123456789's avatar
K! You miss me? Great work dude I'm going to buy these right freaking now! Also, anyway you could do an .mtz with these icons? 
kgill77's avatar
haha where u been son? thanks bro :D

idk about the .mtz, just wanna keep it as a launcher apk.
daktoa123456789's avatar
I don't know dude! Haha. I will just get in a mode where I hate all technology and I'll be like that for like a week. That includes my phone. I had like writers block, but for someone who does phone screenshots if that makes sense.
kgill77's avatar
haha, i feel ya, "screenie block" huh :D
howdid's avatar
awesome like always!!!!
trees247's avatar
Can you share the UCCW'S you had in your other screenshots
kgill77's avatar
will do this week.
trees247's avatar
can you do icons for and youversion(Bible) please
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Obeythe10's avatar
I see what you did there..the icon back disappears when its in app drawer. I see you. Haha, beautiful set bro. :thumbsup:
kgill77's avatar
lol haha thnx bro :D
Raijynn's avatar
Awwww yisssss :la: :la:
kgill77's avatar
haha thanks bro :D

where u been btw??
Raijynn's avatar
You're welcome.
I'm always around, it's just that I ran out of ideas :stare:
kgill77's avatar
lol i know u got some ideas :D
Raijynn's avatar
I'm working on it. :la:
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