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[Wait List] Animation Commissions


Dear friends!

Work on animation commissions from the Wait List will be started after March, 1st 2022. 

YCH commissions are available for ordering as usual: YCH Arts | YCH Animations


Wait List Slots (result after March, 1st 2022)
Bullet; Pink  3 SLOTS ARE OPEN

Normal Speed Slots (1-4 months for making)
Bullet; Pink  CLOSED

Fast Speed Slots (2-4 weeks for making; +50% to the price)
Bullet; Pink  CLOSED

"Right here, Right now" Slots (3-10 days for making; +100% to the price)
Bullet; Pink  CLOSED


○ Standard animation is one-side view (front view or back view, etc.) with animated detailes like blinking eyes, flowing hair, magic, etc. Examples:  [CM Animation] Celestine Claire Shepard by kgfantasy Animation Commission: Kuesu Jinguji by kgfantasy
○ Advanced animation contains more complicated scenes with more frames, like the full anime scene. Rolling animations, running, dancing, kissing, etc. Examples: 

Mature Content

YCH Commission: Pretty Servant by kgfantasy

Mature Content

YCH Commission: Twilight Sparkle by kgfantasy

○ Personal use only (ask about commerical use).
○ We may decline your commission request if the idea doesn't fit our art style. Please check our gallery before commissioning.
○ Paypal is accepted.
○ Payment fee is not included to prices.
○ We highly appreciate if you give us artistic freedom for animations.
○ The process may take:

for standard animations: 1-4 months for normal speed, 2-4 weeks for fast speed, 3-10 days for "right here, right now" mode. [check extra payment info below]
for advanced animations: 2-5 months for normal speed, 3-5 weeks for fast speed, 10-20 days for "right here, right now" mode. [check extra payment info below]*
*depends on length and complexity.

○ After receiving the payment we will add you to the To Do List Commissions List.
○ Please respect artist's time. You may ask for WIPs after your commission is started [see here Commissions List.]. 
Please understand that life happens. Sometimes artists may be sick or stressful, and your commission is delayed. 
When turn comes to your order, we will send you sketches and WIPs. At this stage it will be possible to make adjustments. Attention: after the commission is finished we'll correct any minor details if you want, but nothing big and we'll not add elements that were not in the original description.
○ Please provide references for your commission. 
○ Try to describe your commission/charatcer simply; English is not our native language.
○ We may add your commission in one of the Patreon's rewards packs.
○ You are not allowed to claim the artwork as yours.
○ You are not allowed to make any profit from the artwork.
○ No refunds.

What will increase the price:

Fast speed +50%. "Right here, right now" mode +100%.
○ Private commission +50%. [not uploading anywhere]
○ NSFW (slight) content +25%. [ecchi, exposed breasts, seductive poses, etc.]. However, there is no extra charge for artistic nudity/aesthetic erotic like this: Commission: Mathilda
○ NSFW (explicit) content +50% [sexual act, genitalia, etc.]
○ Extra versions +15%~50% [extra outfit, slight pose/expression change]
○ If extra character is visible only partially in the picture +25%.
○ Extra details like complicated jewelry, weapons, pets, etc. +25%.
○ If you don't have reference of your character and you provide only text description +50%.

○ High-res unwatermarked 720p/1080p MP4 + unwatermarked high-res GIF + small size GIF for web with watermark. If you want to share this artwork in your gallery/social media/etc., please use the smaller watermarked version.

If you want to order commission send a note with the title "Wait List Animation Commission" OR email to galiagalyagalia[@] and the following information: 


○ PayPal address;
○ Type of animation: Bust Up / Half Body / Full Body
○ Character's information: name, short bio, owner's info.
○ Character's references;
○ Background: Without BG / Simple BG / Detailed BG (give description)
○ Animation details.
○ Any other information.


○ PayPal address;
○ Short description of animation, for example: trasnformation of OC.
○ Length, timing, storyboards if you have.
○ Character's information: name, short bio, owner's info.
○ Character's references;
○ Any other information.

✓ By sending the commission request, you confirm that you have read all terms and rules and agree with them.

For Regular Commissions, please check =>  [Wait List] Commissions by kgfantasy

Thank you! Give it to me 
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