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Very nice Yellow Heart Emoji Two thumbs up by hano22 Xmastreeplz
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Best couple in the series.
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So breathtaking!! :love: :faint:
Merry Christmas!! Merry christmas everybody
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Merry Christmas
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still a better love story than Twilight 
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Yes! I ship it so hard!! (I can appreciate Neph x Mako and Neph x Ami though, due to Crystal and live action version)..fantastic drawing!!
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I see this couple...I cryWaaaah! Facepalm 
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Yeah, they look like a pretty cute match. Love the character expressions.
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Beautiful artwork as always, and this is my favorite Sailor Moon pairing.
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Merry Christmas
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Such a lovely piece
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They were a cute couple:3
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too bad that they will never be canon. i dont really ship naru with omino. i actually never shipped him with anybody
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Thank you! Christmas- Pikachu Santa    Happy holidays! :lights: 
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Thankyou you too. ^^ :iconchristmastreeplz: |F2U| Winter Terrarium Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Santa Clause 
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Happy holidays! Merry christmas everybody 
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wonderfully done! Merry Christmas :)
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Thank you!   Happy holidays! Merry christmas everybody 
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Awe, they would've made a cute couple. Amazing job, merry christmas to you too! :3
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