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Applejack looks so beautiful in anime style!

great job
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Yay I love my little pony
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She's so beautiful! :heart: rvmp Lovely artwork! :happybounce: 
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Here's another piece of artwork yet by another talented and amazing artist! The animation is great and the design of the drawing overall is Applejack looks really natural in the photo, just as she always is and will be. The keychain of her pony self really adds an effect, too. Love the artwork! It's really and absolutely cute and I'm sure whoever views it after me will feel the same.
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Very beautiful <3
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Very pretty :lovely: 
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Owwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! Beauty.
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Hueh Hueh Hueh Hueh Hueh Hueh... I only hate the fact that they did human pony crossover things... Like equestria girls. The fan art is good though.
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Absolutely gorgeous artwork of one of my favorite MLP characters coupled with sleek and smooth animation. Great work! :love:
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this is amazing!
I'd like to see more mlp related arts =)
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I love it AJ is so pretty 
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-snuggles with AJ- <3 SO ADORABLE!!!
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Love this. More please.
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