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We help animals!

We have been animal volunteers for the past few years. We are trying to do as much as we can - feeding homeless animals, buying medicine, looking for new owners, and so on.

In February, 2019 we found a sick cat covered by snow and decided to adopt him. Now, after all our efforts, he feels good and very happy with us. However, sometimes he needs veterinary care, because still there are some problems after living outside for long.

His name is Freddie.♥


Everyday we feed cats that we meet outside. We'd be very grateful if you help us! There are several ways:

PayPal Donations

Ko-Fi Donations

Gumroad Store

Patreon Support

RedBubble Store

With your help, we can buy more foods for those homeless fluffies!

Thank you so much!


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For Core membership

We appreciate any point donations, even if it's just one point! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]

Thank you for your support, dear friends Heart Love

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Long time no see, guys! Actually July and August are months of our birthdays, so we took an extra little break to spend some more time with our family and kittens. As usual, we prepared a special BDay Gumroad sale! 40% off everything!  Use promocode: bday2021 We also want to inform you that everything is fine with our cats. Mirabelle is completely comfortable in our house! She became very friendly with Freddie, he takes care of her as if she were his own babycat. It's sooooooooo cute! But Hannah is still a little jealous. Still, another fluffy beauty in the house is her competitor. But we believe that over time, she will get used to the new kitty. And very soon the three of them will have fun playing. Hannah has the character of a real aristoCAT. She just needs time. As for Sonya, everything is fine, and she was prescribed another month of vitamins. Thanks to everyone who is worried! We can say that our official hiatus has begun. However
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[UPD] We just renewed our Core! Many thanks to Calybos and KaijuAlpha1point0 for help!
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Good news! Sonya feels much better after the surgery. However, she cannot actively use her front leg yet. Unfortunately, no one knows if motor function will recover completely. But her energy is in full swing, which is incredibly pleasing. Now Sonya will have a course of vitamins and antibiotics. We are glad that we were there that evening and were able to help her T^T Mirabelle has already fully adapted to her new life, and she is actively getting to know Hannah and Freddie. It's hard to take a photo of Mirabelle when she's awake! Mirabelle is completely fearless! Our adult cats are a little afraid of her and avoid direct contact... but Mirabelle violates their personal space, chasing them around the room XD Therefore, for now, they sleep in different rooms so that Hannah and Freddie can take a break from this playful little kitten ^^ We try to create the most comfortable conditions for everyone. As for Freddie's wound, everything is ambiguous here. The wound heals, but the
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