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Jersey devil

Freehand pencil/ freehand pilot pen. toying with the imagery of the Jersey devil. the square in the corner is just another version of the beast's head that i've thought about. which do you falks preffer?
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This is the most awesome picture I've seen of the Jersey Devil. If he's out there, I'm sure that he's impressed. ;) Great work.
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That is fucking awesome. Great job getting featured in a Danger Dolan video.
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I almost shit myself when I saw it in there! Thanks!
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Now we now his origin
This is a really great interpretation of it, love the top corner ones face! :D
0ArmoredSoul0's avatar
Ho-Ly CRAP, this is so cool!!!!!
And you even whipped it up with some fantabulous anatomy!
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This is nice! Why is it scrap? It's too good to be in a scrap! And I perfer the pencil drawing.
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This is more like how I imagine it to look like. Just less stocky in my view.
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This has to be one of the best Jersey Devil pictures I have seen EVER. You do him proud! (Yes, I do believe good old JD is real). Once again nice!
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: ) That's really cool.
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He is so fucking cool looking. I LOVE the Jersey devil.
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Lovely, I prefer the head in the square though.
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As a lifelong New Jerseyian, the Jersey Devil is naturally one of my favorite paranormal/supernatural interests. I tried drawing him a couple of days ago but it turned out like shit. This, on the other hand, is an excellent rendering. I like boths heads, but the boxed one looks definately meaner and just a tad more suiting.
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Yeah, I like this one, too. And I saw a show about the Jersey Devil the other day and he looks a little something like that. I'm guessing you studied him a little before drawing this... if not, it's a fucked up coincidence ;x Very nicely drawn either way.
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Certainly creative, which adds much to the devil effect. I like this a lot.
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I like the combination of horse, goat, dragon, and deer into one. Very interesting, looks cool.
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i really like the head in the corner, it seems more expressive to a mood when you just dont give 2 flying fucks anymore. the dragon crossed with the equine is a nice touch, gives it an sense of graceful yet deadly.
the-mole-lives's avatar
the head in the box is a better one i think, the horns and nose look better and it looks a little meaner. good job though.
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man that thing looks mean
some nice pencil work there
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That's very well done! I don't like the pen sketch in the upper corner, but the pencil is one is amazing. Looks like a satanic version of my horse...maybe that's his true form when he's pissed ::shrugs:: I can now imagine the transformation...

I love how original the idea is...I've never seen anything like it. Split hooves, the wings are very different, the head...neck, even has a mane. Wow.
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