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Avenged Sevenfold Gig!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 29, 2008, 1:55 PM

Hello again, my sexy ponies!


That. Was damn. Incredible.

Me, the boyf and his brother arrived in Cardiff and joined the rest of the fans lined up behind the Student's Union -and damn that line was longg. After waiting.. and waiting.. finally IN WE WENT!

We went straight to the far right of the stage (Syn's always that side, teehee) and got a pretty good spot about 4 rows back! The first support band, The Black Tide, kicked things off and they ROCKED! Then on came Bloodsimple, who also ruled. But then the grand finalé.. AVENGED themselves!

They kept us waiting a while (evil bitches ♥) then the Deathbat backdrop was hoisted and an explosion of screams filled the room. Can't even describe the excitement at that moment, I couldn't believe I was finally about to see my favourite band!! Syn's guitar was brought on by a stagehand and I nearly dribbled. Then Avenged themselves strolled on stage and the place went INSANE!

Their set was filled with chilling vocals, pounding drums, thundering bass and sexy guitar licks from Zacky and the Synmeister, who was right in front of me on the stage the whole time!! Unbelievable. And of course, there was more teasing.

Everyone wanted Unholy Confessions, and they bloody knew this: Syn picked up his acoustic and was like "Hmm, what could I play?" and started playing the intro to mucho crowd screaming. Then he stopped and was like, "Nah". Cheeky bugger. ;)

ALSO during one of Syn's solos, my boyf lifted me up above the crowd and I waved like a mad vole and he CAUGHT MY EYE AND GRINNED. Holy shtcakes I creamed everywhere no shame.

When they finished the whole crowd chanted for an encore ("SEVENFOLD! SEVENFOLD!") and they returned to even louder screams: setting the stage alight with a hot rendition of Gunslinger, and then finally Unholy Confessions! Hell feckin' yes!! ♥

I took a bunch of photos but only a few were any good since it's hard to keep a camera steady when you're short and shaking with excitement, with the crowd jostling you as you scream out the words to every song ;)

When they finished we went out into the lobby where The Black Tide were signing stuff and saying heylo to people! I got a couple of autographs, and when their guitarist saw me he grabbed my hand, dragged me to the front of the line all "AWW!" and patted me on the head and grinned like a loony. Spectacularly mad but bloody lovely. Being little and blonde pays off sometimes.

So in all an INCREDIBLE first concert!! I srsly can't wait for the next time they come here!! I love you, Avenged. I really feckin' do.

Some shots from the gig:

Synyster Gates I by Kezzi-Rose Synyster Gates III by Kezzi-Rose Synyster Gates II by Kezzi-Rose

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love, kezzi



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January 29, 2008