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Stamp Tutorial

Yep, I finally got around to making a stamp tutorial! :love:
This one is quite basic, but I might also create an extra section for animated stamps soon c:

The Example Stamp
Flamingo Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Note: Although I have offered my own style up as an example, please don't be tempted to just copy the elements I use - be creative and make something unique! ♥

Free Stamp Templates
If you don't fancy making your own border, check out these great free templates! One is simple, the other has some added extras.
Stamp template by Kencho Stamp Template by zilla774 
If you use a template of any kind, be sure to check the original artists' rules on giving appropriate credit!

If you don't have Photoshop or can't afford it, here is a list of free alternatives!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment! I will put any frequently-asked ones here.

:whisper: Psst.. remember to check out my stamp collection; there's guaranteed to be lots you like! ♥
Find me on: tumblr
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Thank you for the tutorial! <3 helped a bunch!

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This stamp tutorial was perfect ^w^
Easy to understand,
And I'm really glad you said you used Adobe Photoshop!
Cuz I use it myself
And therefore know my way around it fairly well!
This will be going into my favorites
For future reference!
Thank you very much for making this! :heart:
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thank you for this tutorial!
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thank you so much, you're a life saver!!
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Thank you for this! This is very useful. <3
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Super helpful and FREAKIN' ADORABLE, thank you.
Sophia-Eowyn's avatar
Super useful, thank you!! :la:
munchycheerios's avatar
Wow! Thank you very much for this helpful tutorial :D
FreshMintz82's avatar
Ahh, it is very useful! Thank you! (Sorry I replied late because, homework...)
Elfinia's avatar
thank you ♥
Crying-Willow-76's avatar
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Does this only work on a computer, or does it work on mobile? 
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this is so helpful! thank you!
nekostamps's avatar
how do you put existing gifs onto stamps?
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Thank you for the this helpful tutorial! I was able to make my own stamp!
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Just wondering, what font do you use?? I can't find a nice looking pixelated font TAT
koffiitoffii's avatar
i don't know what font they use, but i know Gasara has some nice pixel fonts!
RaniAnderson's avatar
I made one in dAmuro! Thanks for the tutorial!!!
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