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A sparkly diamond avatar, free for you to use! :la:

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Green Diamond Avatar by Kezzi-Rose Blue Diamond Avatar by Kezzi-Rose Purple Diamond Avatar by Kezzi-Rose

Note: I do not give permission for my avatars to be made part of 'packs' for others to download.
Nota: No permito que otros tomen mis avatars y los usen como parte de 'packs' descargables.

How to Use

If you use this avatar, please show me credit with Avatar made by :devKezzi-Rose: in your signature or a permanent place on your dA page. Thank youu! c:
To set as your avatar: Click 'Download', right-click it when it loads in the new window and select 'Save Image As...' to save it to your computer. Then go here, click 'Change Avatar' and browse for it where you saved it.
:whisper: Psst.. click here to check out all my avatars! There's a huge variety, and they're all free to use!
Find me on: tumblr
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© 2009 - 2021 Kezzi-Rose
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Queenaprilkitty's avatar
May I have your permission to use this on FurAffinity?, I'll credit you, of course and send you if I used them.
DiamondExorcist's avatar
aww I will use it!! I love your beautiful icons!!! *www*
TotallyDeviantLisa's avatar
I had no choice but to fave all four of them! <3
solchu123's avatar
puedo pasarlo a emoticon con tu permiso?
sistaerii's avatar
love it ^^ use c:
Joshxasman115's avatar
I really like these there cute and awesome.
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
I'm really happy you do! Thanks ♥
MagicalDragon8's avatar
I‘ m a admin in a Forum and I will ask you: May I use your pictures for our RPG?
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Could you be more specific about how they will be used, and which ones? Do you mean just my avatars, to be used as icons? Thanks c:
MagicalDragon8's avatar
Yes the avatars as icons. For example, one character use a crystal or something than this will, whenever possible, represented, like a book with some pictures.
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Okay, I think I see what you mean c: As long as full credit and/or a link to the original avatar is provided somewhere! Thanks for asking first~
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Thank you! ♥
phygem's avatar
I'm using it. I'll put credit in my signature~
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Thank you, I'm happy you like it! :la:
phygem's avatar
You're welcome! But the icon is amazing and someone stupid like me really shouldn't be seen with it. Stupid and amazing aren't really seen together xDD
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Whaat?! Obviously I don't know you, but you seem awesome! c: Don't ever put yourself down ♥
phygem's avatar
Aww, thanks a bunch! You're so kind.  I try  not to. x3
WoodLily's avatar
May I use this as my new avatar?
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Of course you may! Glad you like it ♥
All you have to do is make sure there is credit to me somewhere on your page/in your signature! c:
WoodLily's avatar
Thanks. For some reason DA won't let me change the userpage signature. I'll have to do that one later. I hope that you understand it's a glitch I'm not doing this on purpose.
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
That's quite all right! c:
WoodLily's avatar
Thanks I fixed it now!
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