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When you have an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia, your mind is constantly ticking with numbers. The numbers on the tape measure, the numbers on the scales, the numbers in nutrition tables stamped onto your food. It's all about making those numbers smaller, day by day, and going to extreme lengths to achieve the lowest numbers you can. The mirror seems to show you a distorted picture that's still 'not thin enough', even if everyone else thinks you're wasting away.
Anorexia kills one in four of its sufferers, which is why it's so important to recognise that this way of thinking is unhealthy and unrealistic, so that it can be overcome.

As a teen I had a lot of insecurities with my body, as is very common, and recognised that I'd developed anorexic behaviour and thoughts. I sought advice early on, gained loads more body confidence over the years and now absolutely love my healthy figure. As it can develop into a full mental disorder I know it's not that easy for many people, but I hope at least other teens will recognise this way of thinking before it's too late and find a path of body positivity instead. Nobody deserves to go through life feeling uncomfortable in their own skin!
For more information on eating disorders and getting the help you need: b-eat

Thanks for all your :+fav:s & comments ♥
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very empowering pic Kezzi
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I put this in my cringe folder CURSE YOU! 
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I love this picture.  Though I've never suffered from a true eating disorder, this resonates with me for the times in my life where my self esteem rose and fell inversely with the numbers on the scale and the tape measure.  I can imagine you felt it 1000's of times stronger and commend you for rising above such a deadly disease.
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Thanks very much for your comment - that low feeling when the numbers rise sure does resonate with many people, whether they go on to develop an eating disorder or not, and it's terrible. There's only so much fist-shaking we can do at the magazines that on one page berate any celebrity that puts on a couple of pounds, yet on the next page tell us to love ourselves the way we are - we all need to rise above it as a society and fully embrace the real range of natural healthy sizes and figures without putting down any body type in the process. The pressure to look a certain way has claimed so many young lives, and will continue to unless everybody is able to feel that their individual body is normal and beautiful!
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You are very brave ... !
A dear and close friend of mine went through anorexia too... i understand how difficult it is.... :(
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Thank you, I appreciate that ♥
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Wow, I can' believe I just found this.
My aunt was a victim of an eating disorder. She died at age 40.
My father later informed me the basis of it was that my grandmother had constantly insulted her on her weight as a young child.
I'm glad you were able to beat it down. Now I hope that my aunt's daughter can do the same.
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I'm so sorry to hear that your aunt was claimed by this, it's a very real danger facing eating disorder victims.. and it's horrible how she was forced into it by such insult. :hmm:
Luckily mine was caused by my own self-insult, and because of that it was probably easier for me to turn it around. Best wishes to your aunt's daughter as well, nobody deserves to suffer with an eating disorder. ♥
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Oh my gosh, you suffered from anorexia? I just want to say you're a very strong girl, one of my best friends has recently been told she has anorexia and I'm trying to help her through it, it's hard as I've been involved with something like this, I know I can't cure her of it, like I wish I could but do you think I could boost her self confidence up a little? She's so confused by everything and doesn't really understand how serious this is which doesn't make her motivated enough to get it sorted out.
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Thank you, that means a great deal to me - it was tough snapping myself out of it but I did get some counselling, which really helped. c: Helping someone suffering with anorexia realise that they're going down the wrong path isn't easy, especially if they haven't realised how serious it is - but something good to do is to compliment her when you notice she's eating, or if she complains she's feeling fat. Tell her she looks gorgeous when she has an appetite, and that the food makes her glow. She does need to realise how serious her illness is, so do tell her how concerned you are for her and that you don't want to see her waste away to nothing. One in four sufferers of anorexia dies, so try to prompt her to get back on her feet by telling her this and saying that she is much, much better off being alive and healthy with enough weight on her (emphasise that she won't get "fat", only more gorgeous) than dead with a wasted life. This might really shock her, and it's that shock that pushed me onto the right path. I really hope it works for her, and best of luck! ♥
tonijoanne's avatar
You're welcome. Thank you so much, I'm going to give it ago, this really will help, thank you! <3
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
I really hope it does! You're very welcome ♥
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I've fought both anorexia and bulimia. It sucks. Learning to love yourself for how you are is tough. but you can do it.
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So strong. I find it amazing that you have overcome something like that. And even though you can be so insecure sometimes, i think you're lovely <3
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Thank you so much sweetheart, I really appreciate that <3
You're even more lovely! :huggle:
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<3 You're welcome hun
livin-in-the-moment's avatar
I love this :heart: ! it has such a strong meaning behind it, and not may people realise that they are perfect the way thier are and that you don't need the smallest numbers to be happy.
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Thank you so much, I'm really glad you find it effective! <3
FabAngelx's avatar
What amazingly strong picture! It shows how anorexics and other eating disordered are in constant struggle with the numbers.
I have an eating disorder myself, so I know it can be like going through sheer hell. :( I hope this pic can help making people aware of this horrible disease. There is so much more behind it than just 'wanting to be thin'. It's the troubles beyond that. And a serious illness.
I hope you're doing ok now. No one ever diserves to suffer this way. :hug:
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Thank you so much, that means a lot! I'm really glad you find my photo effective. <3
FabAngelx's avatar
You're welcome. <3
xmissa7xx's avatar
Amazing work and such a sad story :( but it is the reality ..
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Thank you <3
It sure is~ ;3;
Princess-Cupcake's avatar
this piece means so very much more to me than words could ever explain.
i think it's a beautiful photograph, that explains so well how the eating disordered mind works.
yet it also gives me a little hope that someday things might become a bit brighter.
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