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A Harry Potter Elder Wand avatar, free for you to use! :star:

Magical Memories by Kezzi-Rose Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

Note: I do not give permission for my avatars to be made part of 'packs' for others to download.
Nota: No permito que otros tomen mis avatars y los usen como parte de 'packs' descargables.

How to Use

If you use this avatar, please show me credit with Avatar made by :devKezzi-Rose: in your signature or a permanent place on your dA page. Thank youu! c:
To set as your avatar: Click 'Download', right-click it when it loads in the new window and select 'Save Image As...' to save it to your computer. Then go here, click 'Change Avatar' and browse for it where you saved it.
:whisper: Psst.. click here to check out all my avatars! There's a huge variety, and they're all free to use!
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© 2013 - 2021 Kezzi-Rose
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loveswolves6's avatar
no invisiblity cloak and the other item too?
BLUEvsFIN's avatar
I can't chose between this and the master sword!
pyewocket's avatar
This is one of my ultimate favs on here because I am a Harry Potter fan! This was well made by you. Thank you for creating such a fantastic item!
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
It means a lot that you like it, thanks so much! As a massive Harry Potter fan too, it was a pleasure to create ♥
Beatlesfan1994's avatar
:squee:Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! :happybounce: 
JKhorse72809's avatar
omg this is soooooooooooooooo awesome i am sooooooooooooooooo using this
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Hahah I'm happy you like it! PEOPLE WILL BOW TO YOUR POWER
JKhorse72809's avatar
you're welcome, its an awesome icon. THEY'D BETTER BOW, OR ELSE THEY DIE :evillaugh:
HairyPawter's avatar
I SHALL USE :D I love harry potter <3
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Thanks! :la: Great username, haha~
Sleepy-Stardust's avatar
Yes! I love Harry Potter!
starbacon's avatar
so cuuuuuuute and aaaaaawesome
Love it :D
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Thanks very much! :la:
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
EllyGirl2809's avatar
hgfdsasdfgh's avatar
XD I love this! It's really well pixel-ed, and I'm tempted to use it even though I never use free avatars.
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Thanks very much, I'm flattered! :la:
hgfdsasdfgh's avatar
You're welcome! :la:
littleblueraccoon's avatar
Oh my gosh, you should do a Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who! :heart:
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Good plan! :la: I'll add that to the list of ideas, haha~
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