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A cute bowl of cereal avatar, free for you to use! :love:

Note: I do not give permission for my avatars to be made part of 'packs' for others to download.
Nota: No permito que otros tomen mis avatars y los usen como parte de 'packs' descargables.

How to Use

If you use this avatar, please show me credit with Avatar made by :devKezzi-Rose: in your signature or a permanent place on your dA page. Thank youu! c:
To set as your avatar: Click 'Download', right-click it when it loads in the new window and select 'Save Image As...' to save it to your computer. Then go here, click 'Change Avatar' and browse for it where you saved it.
:whisper: Psst.. click here to check out all my avatars! There's a huge variety, and they're all free to use!
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Rexlite's avatar
may i use this to decorate my page? i'lll be using the thumb code so when you click on it it goes to the page.

its so cute uwu
julie7507's avatar
tbh when i first looked at it i thought it was ramen XD
MEOWCAT21's avatar
i thought it was noodles xD
julie7507's avatar
XD. Tbh, When i was younger i called ramen, noodles. Idk if thats normal or its something that my family did XD
solchu123's avatar
puedo convertirlo como emoticon con tu permiso?
axfret's avatar
Perfect for me.
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Matches your username!! :') Thanks for using
axfret's avatar
Heh, yeah! No problem!! uvu
LoveNinjagoFan's avatar
You makes wonderful avatars<3
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Thank you so much!! :love:
iiibrokeyhu's avatar
such a cute icon <3 cereal is the perfect meal for any time

you should macaroon icon and a parasol icon
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Thanks so much!! Happy you like it :love:
And those are awesome ideas, I'll pop those suggestions in my 'To Make' folder ♥ c:
Veevsi's avatar
It looks so lovely and soft. The pastel colors in this give me a really fluffy feeling. ´v`

 And good idea. Reminds me I still have curd cheese, oat flakes, cocoa and some sugar laying around. I should make myself a Bowl of it soon.~
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Sorry for the super-late reply!! I'm happy you like it :la:
Ooh, that sounds yummy!
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Wonderland-Rebel's avatar
Funnily enough, I got this message in my inbox while I was eating cereal. O-0 You must be some sort of cereal spy, this is too uncanny to be a coincidence. This is all a conspiracy! (ignore me I'm in one of my silly moods. I probably won't make any sense for a good while. :) 
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Mahaha, my cereal senses were tingling!! :evillaugh:
What cereal was it?
Wonderland-Rebel's avatar
Cookie Crisp. Used to love it when I was younger. I remember getting a strawberry flavoured Disney Princess cereal when I was younger, little heart and flower shapes, and I used to give my dog the hearts and say 'that's because I heart you!' 
Kezzi-Rose's avatar
Mmm Cookie Crisp, I loved that too! And aww that's so sweet!! :') That sounds like a fun cereal, usually it's only America that gets the really funky ones :giggle:
Wonderland-Rebel's avatar
Oh we get funky ones, but only as limited editions! Which makes no sense, I mean why make limited edition FOOD of all things? :giggle: 
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