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How could anyone hate someone for how they were born? That's sickening!
Sexism is disgusting no matter if it's misogyny or misandry. All kinds are equally reprehensible.
NOTE: Swifty is not a cheater; he is in a polygamous relationship with both Beba's mother and Fuli's mother (the leopardess). Also, Kiburi is the oldest of Swifty's children, then Beba, and lastly Fuli.
Use llamas and dogs, not guns.
The only real things that could be considered "non-binary" are the different forms of intersex. If you are born without any parts, born with a set of both male and female parts (whether fully or partially formed), or are born with parts that aren't male or female, then you have every right to identify as non-binary if you feel like it.

If anyone reading this believes in bullshit "genders" such as "demigirl" or "genderfluid", you can unwatch us. Special snowflakes and SJWs are not welcome here. That also includes "demisexuals". No, you aren't LGBT because you have a preference or because you're picky. 

PS: One of my best friends is trans and she hates all the bullshit "genders" and "sexualities" that idiots on Tumblr spawned. So no, I'm not fucking transphobic for not accepting your bullshit "gender". And don't even get me started on those "otherkin" morons. Me and my best friend (same one) both hate those too.

~ Tass
Save the Mexican Wolf. Save the Red Wolf. Save the Eastern Wolf.

Save all endangered animals.
Wolfaboos love to argue with scientists.

NEWSFLASH: Wolves DON'T have ranks!

Now stop saying they do, wolfaboos. Science disagrees with you.
Don't try to necro old drama unless you wanna be laughed at by me as I eat my sunflower seeds. My poor monitor doesn't deserve to have unnecessary globs of food spit at it. ;(

~ Tass
Fun Fact: Tama named Vitani after her eye color, which is vivid blue like the flax flower.
Note: I (Tass) usually draw Simba's other sons' hairtufts kinda different from Kopa's. I can't do this on bases that good atm.

PS: I draw a lot for fun but I don't wanna post them since it's hard to get them all colored and clean-looking. Turning the drawing into something I can color in MS Paint takes like an hour.
Keznen was founded by three members and has always had those same three members. This will never change. Please don't make false assumptions or try to initiate conflict with us. Thank you.
Headcanon: Spottedleaf's Heart is nothing but a crazy dream Spottedleaf had after having a little too much fun gathering catmint one day. Don't abuse catmint, kits.
On white tigers:

Leucism existed in wild populations way before people started inbreeding tigers for it. Leucism itself is not harmful to the animal in anyway, and is actually a sign of genetic diversity in non-inbred animals. Two healthy normal-colored tigers can give birth to white cubs if they both carry the recessive gene.

Inbreeding is horrible and should be stopped, but leucism doesn't stem from inbreeding. It is a natural and benign mutation that is usually rare. It shouldn't be bred for, but it shouldn't be considered a sign of inbreeding either.
Coming up: EU-type sidestories for both our TLK and Ginga universes. These stories will be like semi-canon in relation to the "canon" of our fan universes.
Headcanon: Redtail is a chimera.
People need to stop bashing other people's fan theories. Just because they include semi-canon characters in their theories doesn't mean you have to right to bash them for it. If you disagree, that's fine. We all have our theories. But don't be a bigoted jerk that bashes people for liking semi-canon characters.
Fun Fact: Although we don't plan to write any sequels to GTPOK, we do want to clarify that Key and Kavya would have pups together as adults if we did write one. Yes, this would most likely be impossible in real life, but we're not trying to be super realistic. Afterall, Ginga is a series where dogs can defy the laws of physics and perform attacks that can decapitate bears. X3
Headcanon: If Gin and his family were humans, their last name would be Ginga. Not only is this the title of the series, but it's also part of the stage name of Riki's voice actor (Banjou Ginga). :)
Headcanon: Lionheart is a Norwegian Forest Cat mix.
Watch out guys, this fail-troll wants to attack you with its unoriginality and shitty grammar skills! Better beware! ;p



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