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So I often to get asked to do illustration that I don’t have time/patience for. In such cases, I try to pass the work off to someone who both wants and needs it. I do not take a percentage. Here’s the job:

Client wants an 8.5x11” black and white digital drawing of the seven virtues of bushido (slightly modified to fit him and as text, not illustration, already written) and a detailed background/frame of bamboo, leaves, etc. This image will be engraved/embossed on a silver plaque by a jeweler of his choice whenever he has the funds to do so. He believes the jeweler will handle any shading, so this will mostly be line art with bold shadows and overlaid text.

Amount: he’s pretty cheap, looking to get it done for ~$45-50 USD. Comment here if you're interested, and I'll pass on your information. If you have a different bid (only higher, no undercutting, folks) feel free to post that. Please don't PM, just comment. I really hate the PM system on here :/

I will forward the info to him, and he will pick a style that suits him. Sorry I don’t have more details on the job itself, I only got a vague idea of what he wanted. So I’d recommend getting a GOOD idea of what he wants before you spend your time doing any sketches.

If you are going to spend more than an hour or two working on this commission, it's probably not for you. Not unless you really need the money I guess, in which case, more power to ya.

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That's right, the first 10 people who comment on this journal entry will receive a FREE SKETCH! But there's a CATCH. In return, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal just like I am doing. The key word here is "sketch," as in most likely fast and rough-looking; and writing commissions around 1,000 words. If I have time to do it, then so do you!


1.) I won't start drawing for you until you offer 10 free sketches in your own journal.

2.) If it is a specific character you want drawn (OC or otherwise), please include links to any references in your comment. For writing, give me an idea of what their personality is.

3.) If you request multiple characters or something complex, I reserve the right to simplify it or to only draw one character.

Will remain "unconfirmed" until you have posted your own journal.
1.) Tigershark06 Done!…
2.)Little-Featherheart Done!…
4.)Rikkanna Done!…
5.)perk-daddy Done!…
7.)lifth Done!…
10.) Jemelet
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Prices are $45 for full color/single character. Examples can be found in my commissions gallery, and more specific pricing over at my commission page if you want some variation on # of characters, colors or details <3….

I'm only opening up 3 spots because med school starts at the end of the month, but Kez still has bills to pay! Argleblarf.

Email (, note or comment if you're interested! $20 to reserve your spot, the rest due at the time of completion (within a week or so).
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I guess it may seem somewhat petty to criticize a site that is giving free hosting to comic creators, but I guess when you compare what DD offers to what other free hosts or collectives offer, then it's not so petty. I wonder how many people hosted by DD actually realize how much they are getting ripped off?

DD makes money off you. Are you aware of that? All those ads they display pay not only for the costs of maintaining your site there, but they make MORE off you, and you never see a dime. You actually get slammed down if you complain, because hey, it's free for you!

You may then bring up the point, "Well, I can display Project Wonderful ads and keep all the money, right?" Are you aware that cost-per-thousand-pageviews (CPM) of PW ads are usually under $0.25, if not less, while average market CPM of ads from any other ad network is likely around $2.50? That's ten times more. You make a buck per day? They make ten, off YOUR product.

And let us not forget the new rules: Page dimension limits? Well, I guess you got screwed over if you've got a landscape-style comic, or DARE to use infinite canvas like the pioneering webcomicker you are. And then there's the thing where everyone's customized website just got completely erased, with new limits on design, more ads, and a huge annoying top frame. BUT WAIT. Now you can log in from any site, so it's totally worth it, right?! Umm, no.

Even at ComicGenesis, almost defunct though it is, none of these limits exist. You display ONE ad. Want a commenting system? There's a bunch to choose from, because hey, you can design your own site! Heck, even SmackJeeves gives you more leeway than DD on site design. Then there's places like ComicDish which have NO restrictions. Design anything you want!

What this minirant is bringing me to is an opportunity for any Watchers out there as pissed off as I am about the changes to Drunk Duck, one of the most heavily used webcomic hosting sites. SpiderForest, a webcomic host AND collective, is accepting applications for new members until July 24th. They've (We've) been accepting them since July 1st. We offer free hosting, no site restrictions on dimension or content, no ads, a top rotating banner of fellow comics (gets you lots of cross-traffic from the other sites) and the company of people as serious about making webcomics as you. Already have hosting? Keep it. Don't have hosting? You get a subdomain. Have a domain, want hosting? Peachy. I've been there for quite a few years now, and I've tried out nearly all the webcomic hosting places out there. SF is among the best.

Apply to SpiderForest! Spread the word.
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New prices:…

The short of it: Basic full color, 1 subject, simple BG commission is $45. I am open to haggling.

Opening 5 slots only to make sure I can juggle this and graduation. Reserve your spot here or with an email (no notes please). Email
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