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So I often to get asked to do illustration that I don’t have time/patience for. In such cases, I try to pass the work off to someone who both wants and needs it. I do not take a percentage. Here’s the job:

Client wants an 8.5x11” black and white digital drawing of the seven virtues of bushido (slightly modified to fit him and as text, not illustration, already written) and a detailed background/frame of bamboo, leaves, etc. This image will be engraved/embossed on a silver plaque by a jeweler of his choice whenever he has the funds to do so. He believes the jeweler will handle any shading, so this will mostly be line art with bold shadows and overlaid text.

Amount: he’s pretty cheap, looking to get it done for ~$45-50 USD. Comment here if you're interested, and I'll pass on your information. If you have a different bid (only higher, no undercutting, folks) feel free to post that. Please don't PM, just comment. I really hate the PM system on here :/

I will forward the info to him, and he will pick a style that suits him. Sorry I don’t have more details on the job itself, I only got a vague idea of what he wanted. So I’d recommend getting a GOOD idea of what he wants before you spend your time doing any sketches.

If you are going to spend more than an hour or two working on this commission, it's probably not for you. Not unless you really need the money I guess, in which case, more power to ya.

That's right, the first 10 people who comment on this journal entry will receive a FREE SKETCH! But there's a CATCH. In return, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal just like I am doing. The key word here is "sketch," as in most likely fast and rough-looking; and writing commissions around 1,000 words. If I have time to do it, then so do you!


1.) I won't start drawing for you until you offer 10 free sketches in your own journal.

2.) If it is a specific character you want drawn (OC or otherwise), please include links to any references in your comment. For writing, give me an idea of what their personality is.

3.) If you request multiple characters or something complex, I reserve the right to simplify it or to only draw one character.

Will remain "unconfirmed" until you have posted your own journal.
1.) Tigershark06 Done!…
2.)Little-Featherheart Done!…
4.)Rikkanna Done!…
5.)perk-daddy Done!…
7.)lifth Done!…
10.) Jemelet
Prices are $45 for full color/single character. Examples can be found in my commissions gallery, and more specific pricing over at my commission page if you want some variation on # of characters, colors or details <3….

I'm only opening up 3 spots because med school starts at the end of the month, but Kez still has bills to pay! Argleblarf.

Email (, note or comment if you're interested! $20 to reserve your spot, the rest due at the time of completion (within a week or so).
I guess it may seem somewhat petty to criticize a site that is giving free hosting to comic creators, but I guess when you compare what DD offers to what other free hosts or collectives offer, then it's not so petty. I wonder how many people hosted by DD actually realize how much they are getting ripped off?

DD makes money off you. Are you aware of that? All those ads they display pay not only for the costs of maintaining your site there, but they make MORE off you, and you never see a dime. You actually get slammed down if you complain, because hey, it's free for you!

You may then bring up the point, "Well, I can display Project Wonderful ads and keep all the money, right?" Are you aware that cost-per-thousand-pageviews (CPM) of PW ads are usually under $0.25, if not less, while average market CPM of ads from any other ad network is likely around $2.50? That's ten times more. You make a buck per day? They make ten, off YOUR product.

And let us not forget the new rules: Page dimension limits? Well, I guess you got screwed over if you've got a landscape-style comic, or DARE to use infinite canvas like the pioneering webcomicker you are. And then there's the thing where everyone's customized website just got completely erased, with new limits on design, more ads, and a huge annoying top frame. BUT WAIT. Now you can log in from any site, so it's totally worth it, right?! Umm, no.

Even at ComicGenesis, almost defunct though it is, none of these limits exist. You display ONE ad. Want a commenting system? There's a bunch to choose from, because hey, you can design your own site! Heck, even SmackJeeves gives you more leeway than DD on site design. Then there's places like ComicDish which have NO restrictions. Design anything you want!

What this minirant is bringing me to is an opportunity for any Watchers out there as pissed off as I am about the changes to Drunk Duck, one of the most heavily used webcomic hosting sites. SpiderForest, a webcomic host AND collective, is accepting applications for new members until July 24th. They've (We've) been accepting them since July 1st. We offer free hosting, no site restrictions on dimension or content, no ads, a top rotating banner of fellow comics (gets you lots of cross-traffic from the other sites) and the company of people as serious about making webcomics as you. Already have hosting? Keep it. Don't have hosting? You get a subdomain. Have a domain, want hosting? Peachy. I've been there for quite a few years now, and I've tried out nearly all the webcomic hosting places out there. SF is among the best.

Apply to SpiderForest! Spread the word.
New prices:…

The short of it: Basic full color, 1 subject, simple BG commission is $45. I am open to haggling.

Opening 5 slots only to make sure I can juggle this and graduation. Reserve your spot here or with an email (no notes please). Email
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Hey all! I am going Bald for Bucks to raise funds for cancer research. I supply the bald, you supply the bucks. As a master's student at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, we try to help cure cancer daily in our research. You can help out by pledging, and no matter what amount is raised, I will be shaving my head, polishing it, and then blinding you with the brilliance of my pale, pale scalp.…

Thanks in advance!
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It's that time of the year of again! SpiderForest is accepting applications for new members until January 24th. SF is the place that hosts all of my comics, and has hosted them since 2006! We have a great bunch of creators with us, and we're looking for more. Our criteria is pretty simple, and unlike a comic HOST such as DrunkDuck or SmackJeeves, being in a collective has way more perks. There's lots of cross-advertising and room to make your mark on the world. As a comic creator who has tested the waters of many different hosts, I will always recommend a collective, especially the SF collective, for any serious comicker.

If you're interested in learning more about the difference between a host and a collective, read this.

To apply, click here!
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I have some merch I'd like to get rid of and make room for new things, mainly, posters! These prints are now 50% off. 11x17 prints are $7.50 and 22x34 is $15. All the large prints are off-set prints (VERY nice looking, horrendously expensive), and all the smaller prints except for the one with Talon and co. climbing up the statue are also off-set. "Forest of Stones" is a high-quality digital print. These are all shipped in tubes, so no folding!

There's also comic books for sale, and the rest of my T-shirts, AND a digital wallpaper for sale only until mid-november for only $1.50.

Here's the store for anyone interested:
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The SpiderForest webcomic network is now accepting applications for new members from July 1st to July 24th. SpiderForest is home to over 30 comics of many diverse genres and ratings. As we do twice yearly, we are looking to grow a bit bigger and welcome a few more members. If you have a comic with over 15 pages that you are actively updating to a schedule and are interested in cultivating your audience beyond DD, SJ, CG, etc, check it out. As a 3+ year member, I can truthfully say there are only perks to long as you are interested in taking control of your comic's future at the art, story AND web-level.

Here's the link to our apply page that has all the information you need.

There is only 5 more days to submit to SpiderForest.
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Hi! I'm Kez, a member of the SpiderForest webcomic collective ( SF is accepting applications for new members until July 24th. SF is home to over 30 comics of multiple genres and ratings. Twice yearly we take applications, and all current members go over each application (and comic!) in depth before voting on it for entry. It's a time-consuming process, so we take applications pretty rarely.

There are only 3 requirements for membership: update your comic (preferably at least once weekly), vote in new members when the time comes, and display the rotating SF banner above the fold on your site.

While many members have DA accounts and display their comics here, DA is not an optimal place to showcase a comic. Many webcomic readers hate to read comics on DA because of ads, slowness of loading, and the lack of other information (like cast/about/archive pages). SF offers a FREE and quality home for your webcomic, with an easy to use archival code in standard webcomic format that allows first/prev/next/last buttons and news articles. Members will also assist you in coding and set up if you have no experience with HTML/CSS.

To read more and/or apply, please see our apply page:
For the past 6 weeks about, I've been offering a special commission deal at $15 for any 1 character, full color, simple bg, single tweaking opportunity. This deal is 1/3-1/2 my normal price for this sort of thing, and thanks to so many awesome people, I've been able to keep up on school work AND pay my bills. You guys all rock for helping me out in a time of crisis! <3 Thank you so much! I do have some somewhat "bad" news though:

Starting in May, this price will increase to $20. Some of these are too time-consuming for the $15 price, taking 4-5 hours instead of 2-3h. If you want to take advantage of the original price, reserve your commission spot with me THIS month, because rates go up next month. There are already 4 people in queue currently. I'll take up to six more before I close them off for the month.

Reservations do NOT require payment up front (though I am seriously not opposed to it, nope, not at all.)! Just let me know you want me to draw you something this month so I can set aside time. Next month is going to be freaking crazy as I study to take the MCATs a second time. Last time I took them was 3 years ago. I'm reapplying for 2011 after I get my Masters.

Note or email
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Kez has got bills to pay! I'm looking for fast commissions, and can offer pretty damn inexpensive prices. Landscapes, site updates, character studies (yours, mine or just your favorite _____ character!), anything that won't take more than a few hours. If you're interested, lemme know. I'd rather my electric not get shut off D:

Email (warofwinds AT, comment or note for quote or details.
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EDIT: Today is the FINAL day until June 2010 to submit to the SpiderForest webcomic collective.

The SpiderForest Webcomic Collective is accepting applications for new members until Dec. 23rd of this month. SF is a free webcomic host, and all my works are hosted by them! As a senior member, I highly recommend it for anyone who is seriously invested in their work. DA is a great GALLERY and community, but a webcomic needs a site. It needs extra pages (archive, about, characters), better archiving, less ads, and basically, a home focused on just on it. SF offers you that, as well as a community of other committed comic creators of many genres.

Why do we require an admissions process? It's simple: we're not like DrunkDuck or ComicGenesis; every new member should be bringing something new and wonderful to the table to make SF a better place to be.

What makes SF better than other webcomic collectives? I like to think we're a bit more...homey. Some collectives grow too fast and so members don't know anyone else. We only accept applications 2x a year. A lot of collectives don't let present members vote on new members. At SF, EVERYONE votes, and all votes are equal. We have our choice of software to display the comic, members who know how to build sites (and who are willing to help you out if you've never had a site before), and an awesome cross-advertising mini-banner at the top of every page. Also, NO ADS unless you want them, and you keep all the revenue. IMHO, it's a great deal.

Info on the application and pre-application requirements can be found here.
I and my sister attended Steel City Con in Pittsburgh, PA this past weekend! I have dubbed it the Best Worst Con Ever, because DAMN was it a blast, and DAMN did every artist have horrible sales.

Read the tell-all here, per my usual "bare it all" studio blog posts. I take comics as a business very seriously, so I try to include all details in the hope that it may help others who have even less experience than myself do well at their own conventions.

Please take my advice with a grain of salt, as I'm a biologist by trade, treading water among artists!
Hey all you wonderful Watchers you! The War of Winds was nominated for best website design over at the Webcomic Planet-hosted Webcomic Readers Choice Awards! The voting round has just started, but Sarah Ellerton's Phoenix Requiem is ALSO up in the same category! Good for her, but sucks for me! D:

Every vote counts, so I'd much appreciate any help. It takes two seconds to register, and two seconds to vote. Find that here! Scroll down to where it says "design" to find me.

BUT! The WCRCA's are about merit over popularity. While I'd love your vote, I encourage you to vote for whomever you believe to be DESERVING of the award. Hopefully, that's me!

Please vote on the other categories too!
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Hey all! My birthday is October 9. I kind of forgot it was coming up so fast, but any guest art anyone can cram out would be much appreciated. I also plan to make something for my readers as well! A thank you gift, as it were. Read here for more information, though feel free to post your response here on DA if you don't want to register there.

If all goes well, I'll also be going walk-about on Columbus Day Weekend in the Adirondacks. Whether or not my friend can accompany or not, I don't really care. I'm GOING. Damn do I need to get out and get lost for few days. It's been a REALLY tough month.

Any advice on where to go for 3 days up in the 'dacks? I may have my dog with me, so no incredibly treacherous climbing please. Someone recommended the Lake Placid trail. I'm not all too great with trails though (I don't like running into other people.)

I've also never gone to the mountains outside of the summer. Any special needs other than temperature to take into consideration? At least the bugs will be mostly gone.
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I design and build websites, make comics, do illustrations, and dabble in logo design. I'm somewhat a one-stop shop here in Keztown.

I also need to pay for food, dog, rent, internet and electric now, and with a grad student schedule that requires flexible hours for research...uhh...a conventional job doesn't seem to be happening. argleblargle.

Prices and examples found at Winged Wolf Studio!
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EDIT: Deadline extended to the 22nd! I'm moving this weekend, so no time to judge. :( Winners announced on the 24th! The site has some more info on what makes me ROFL. In case anyone was wondering....:3


So...after 5 years, I'm running my first contest. The most random contest ever. Art skillz don't count for nuthin'. Writing skills....meh. Voice-acting skills....COULD be important if you do a video or something. It's a very simple contest. Whoever makes me laugh the hardest, wins. I appreciate a good laugh more than pretty-shiny art.

Details found here. (youtube video. Must have audio).

Send everything to

Contest runs from TODAY (July 20) to August 15. Winner announced the 17th. There are 3 (physical) prizes.

There are TWO rules: must have something to do with either me or my characters, and must NOT fall into the NC-17 category (for mature audiences only). Doesn't have to be clean...just not TOO dirty, eh?

If you have questions, post 'em! Just don't post any entries.
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Wow, so much has happened this month!

First, the Corn Hills Arts Festival was a total success for me! Not only were Ravar and I featured on the FRONT PAGE of the newspaper the first day of that festival, but I sold tons of stuff! I did a big write up on that here.

Next, the day after the festival, I was accepted into the graduate program of my dreams! Whoo! I'll be getting a Masters in Interdisciplinary Biology at Roswell Park in Buffalo, NY. I'm so frickin' excited to start! It's a 3-semester program, basically a Masters in 1 year!

Third, I just finished redesigning my site! It took forever. My universe is getting too large. I need an assistant, I swear. I added dropdown navigation and some more focus on what I have for sale, not to mention an entirely new design/color scheme! Oh! And some teasers for the next 2 comics I plan on starting.

Fourth, I was interviewed by Tregory Sullivan of Webcomic Reviews and Interviews! Anyone who wants to hear me talk about my comic or my theories on webcomics, it should be up to download pretty soon. In the meantime, there are tons of others to listen to.

I think that's it! I'm so excited to start at Roswell Park this Fall, and I'm looking forward to more conventions and festivals. Wow! What a summer!
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Those of you who follow me on Twitter are probably well aware of the many things that have gone wrong and right in preparation for this art festival. From T-shirts to posters to books, some things have gone splendidly, and some things have made me FREAK OUT. If you're not on Twitter, you should be. My freakout sessions are phenomenally amusing.

Anyways, in preparing for this festival, I broke my piggy bank rather badly. I would appreciate any commissions to help me make up the difference. I'm open to drawing original characters, scenes, comic pages, and let's not forget, designing/building websites! I added a few sections on my commission page about comic page prices, as well as a second section on websites. I actually got LAUGHED AT for charging so little. Have you ever lost a commission for charging NOT ENOUGH? I think I did. So, comic site commissions remain at my special "absurdly low" prices. I've got loyalty to you guys. Other site commissions start at $100 from now on. Includes more perks though. I will not offer a split price for designing/building though like I do for comic sites. Either I'm hired for it all, or nothing. Coding other people's designs is often a nightmare.

Anyways, comment, note, or email if you're interested! I won't be able to start until AFTER the festival though, so July 13th at the earliest!
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