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How Kez Makes Comics I

Page 2 [link]

Page 3 [link]

Page 4 [link]

My comic: [link]
Winged Wolf Studio (resources + commissions): [link]

Comment if clarification is needed guys! Trying to explain everything, but some things I may overlook.
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Great Tutorial! I bet this will really help me out! ^w^ Thbks for uploading this!!!
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You're welcome! Glad to help. Thanks for the fav <3
Border-Walker's avatar
I Love you Kez...

This is gonna help me so much, I bet.
Kezhound's avatar
My pleasure, BW! <3
Tigershark06's avatar
LOL...Shout out...

Interesting process so far...
TheDalishRanger's avatar
Oooh... I love comic process things!

Yes... Keep posting these, Kez! Soon all your secrets will be mine! :evillaugh:

But seriously, the funny thing is, I added an updated version of my comic process to Rune Master's site this afternoon. I just wasn't going to mention it on the news until tomorrow, since the example is tomorrow's page. Weird. :O_o:
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hahaha! My friend Darwin, who uploaded her comic progress earlier last week, gave me the idea to it this week! I wanted to have it to finish up my guest art week. Talk about coincidences! I look forward to checking out yours though! :D
TheDalishRanger's avatar
It's always fun to see how other people's art processes are, eh? Doing one for yourself can also let you think more on your own process; some of the more effective/efficient ways I've discovered were because I did comic/art process things.

It's in the Extras section under Tutorials, when you've got time to look at it. XD
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