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mr plinkett

here's my take on Red Letter Media's Mr Plinkett.
it's about 4" tall and made out of the usual stuff. sculpey, tin foil, copper mesh and painted with acrylics. i added the drawing of Mr Plinkett as a reference, it was drawn by Bill Mudron. [link]

oh and if you're not familiar with him or his reviews then you should go to Red Letter Media [link] and check them out.

also check out my tumlbr for some wip pics of him. [link]

thanks for looking!
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[Emote] - Emperor Palpatine 
"So Anakin kneels before Monster Mash, and pledges his loyalty to the graveyard smash"
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ey you kids add dis clay schuplture to yer favrits n comment on this webzone if yah wanna prizza roll
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Hmmmm, I like to fuck my cat...

This is amazing, man!
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wow did you show them this?
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I actually sent it to them. I've seen it on some shelves in the background now and then :)
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Man he looks alot like an older fatter Rich Evans.

Also wheres my merkins?
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yes, yes he does.

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If I favourite this, will you send me a pizza roll?
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Sure, but what's wrong with your faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace?!
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Your comment is almost as disappointing as my son. (Btw, your art is bloody fantastic!)
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hahaha thank you!
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Absolutely outstanding. How long does it take you to make these types of sculptures?
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 and it usually takes me about 2 sittings to do a bust like this. the more complicated the piece the more time.
thanks again!
holy hell, this is outstanding
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why thank you :)
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WOW. No words on this. This is just...
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Fantastic job from one RLM fan to another!!
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 always good to hear from a fellow RLMerrrrrrr?
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You're welcome! Yeah, that's more like it!
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This is amazing!! Plinkett's movie reviews are the greatest.
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