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Love Vega

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Lol, a few weeks ago we devoted a whole week to making fun of Vega because we discovered some things that we found to be HILARIOUS about him and Chun-Li. This was my first comic of the week.


It first started off with ~chanchimi making fun of Chun's thunder thighs. I mentioned Vega (don't remember why) and after her bsed drawing of him and me commenting that she forgot something we looked it up on the Street Fighter Wiki and she read something we didn't know. Vega likes himself...very much. He also likes Chun...A lot. Unfortunately she HATES him.

p.s. there's more pictures so i'll explain the other things we found out relevant to those later.

Obviously I don't own Street Fighter and it's characters so don't get your knickers in a twist.
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You, DIDN'T xD